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Serving Fun On A Platter

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.” – Albert Einstein.

Year-end festivities are always much anticipated, because they charge up the students for the next year and its exciting challenges. 2021 was a decidedly different year as we had to do a hybrid mode of arranging our Annual Platter of Fun. However, students were far from dispirited, and we received a fabulous response.

A Glimpse of the Dishes on the Platter

The events and competitions at the Platter of Fun were divided amongst two groups of students: the Junior group (Standards V through VII) and the Senior group (Standards VIII to X). Some of the were hosted digitally, while we managed to organize others at our auditoriums.

Theme Dressing

This was a fun, compulsory event for the Junior Group where we asked students to dress up according to a theme given by the teachers and make a little presentation. 45 students participated out of which 3 were shortlisted. Students were judge on a variety of factors, including costume, presentation, confidence, their research on their particular character / theme, and also their creativity.

Heart in Art

This series of events was organized to bring out the students’ artistic side. There were several competitions organized under this banner.


First of the many was the face painting competition. Students were asked to send in video auditions of their face painting ideas from which the best ones were shortlisted for the final round.

The photography competition also garnered a lot of attention and entries. Students took on the challenge of clicking good quality, original photographs with a description. Participants had to stick to a theme for sending their entries.

A similar theme-based competition was logo designing, which also brought out students’ imaginative side.

Perhaps the most innovative competition of Heart in Art was the Upgrade the Sneaker competition which prodded participants to put the extra in extraordinary. Students were tasked with modifying their sneakers and modify them with a revamped design. Participants presented their work live on a video conference. Shortlisted participants simply had to present their upgraded sneakers at the final round.

Along similar lines was the Upcycle competition which encouraged students to find value in worn-out and old stuff. Proud finalists demonstrated their unique ideas live at the final round.

One of the more delicious parts of this platter of fun was the cupcake decoration competitions in which students had to decorate ready-made cupcakes and send videos of the making for judging.

Wrapping up the Heart in Art excitement, we turn to the Wrap It Up competition. Participants sought new and inventive ways to wrap gifts.


These were a series of competitions to reconnect students with their own selves. Through the medium of performing arts, participants were encouraged to push the envelope of their inner creativity.


In keeping with the modern trends, one of the competitions of Expressions was Vibe with the Tribe. It was our emerging vloggers’ chance to shine. Participants submitted vlogs of about 2 minutes in which they delivered impassioned video blogs on things they cared about and felt drawn to.

Adding more excitement to the Expressions event was the Tongue Twisters competition. Participants gathered on a Zoom call and observed PPTs presenting the tongue twisters. Later, they had to recite the tongue twisters for about 1 minute. Students were judged on the clarity of their recitals.

Charging up the brain cells of the junior group was the online quiz, which was another Zoom-based event. Quiz questions were themed and exercised participants’ thinking capacities.

One of the most anticipated portions of the Expressions was the Ekpatri Prayog, in which participants presented a small thematic skit in either English, Hindi, or Marathi. Participants had to share video submissions first and finalists got the opportunity to present their skit live at the auditorium.

Looking Forward to 2022

We’re certainly full after enjoying this very satiating platter. Our students have gotten used to this hybrid mode of events and we’ve moved past the irritation of participate-from-home events to actually being present and enjoying them. Whatever the scenario may look like in 2022, we’re definitely up for the challenge. Here’s to more fun and growth in the coming year!

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