About Us

Our Vision

To be a joyful learning community nurturing creativity for a sustainable future

About Kaveri Group of Institutes (KGI)

Kannada Sangha's ‘Kaveri Group of Institutes’ runs a group of dedicated educational institutions that provide excellent education and a conducive environment for the all-around development at all the levels of school, junior college, undergraduate and post graduate level education.

About Kannada Sangha

Kannada Sangha, Pune was founded in 1952 as a cultural organization of and for Kannadigas residing in Pune. In 1963, Dr. Kalmadi Shamarao popularly known as Dr. K. S. Rao and other Kannadiga stalwarts started a Kannada Medium school with just 35 students in a quest to open up opportunities to marginalized migrant children from Karnataka. Today, we have grown to mammoth proportions with over 7000 students annually under the Kaveri banner.

Mrs. Pallavi Naik

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a Leader.

– John Quincy Adams

In KHS G we believe students should be given opportunities of leadership which helps them to find their voice and creates a system where students actively run important day to day activities in the school.

Students of grade 7 to 10 receive leadership positions that boosts their self-esteem, improves communication skills, teaches them to identify their strengths and weaknesses and they learn to work in a team. These young candidates are selected through sociocracy in which their classmates nominate each other for the different posts of the students’ council. Finally the student leaders are elected through a democratic and fair election process. This is their first lesson in active citizenship and driving change for a better tomorrow.

If you see students managing the school traffic, don’t be surprised. They are members of the Traffic Management Committee (TMC) who strategize to streamline the end of the day school traffic. This initiative is highly popular among the students and has certainly helped to reduce the chaos during the exits of buses, cyclists and parents from the main gate. Students who volunteer for this duty work under the supervision of their teachers and senior students. This year we plan to form Student Green teams who will be the heart of green school efforts and will work to reduce paper wastage and electricity consumption in the classrooms, and create awareness about saving water especially in the school washrooms. BUZZ KHS 26.6 our in-house radio program is the hub of leadership development. It s a student led program which presents informative, educational and entertaining content. Over the years we have observed Buzz KHS students transform into confident and articulate team players performing crucial roles such as radio jockeys, content writers, musicians, technicians and many more.

We are extremely proud of young mentors in the making who are part of the GenDerations program conceptualized by Stephan Herman. KHS G is the first school in Pune to implement this program which enables students to recognize and articulate their feelings in resolving their own and interpersonal conflicts. We believe the experience a student gains from a leadership role in school is highly valuable. This responsibility immerses the students in an environment which offers a vision to think big and provides opportunities to voice opinions from a position of influence. It’s important to cultivate and simultaneously nurture a vision of effective leadership among children. With this objective in mind last year we hosted the first residential Student Leadership Conference wherein 60 students from Pune came together, developed leadership skills, networked with fellow student leaders, shared and engaged in new experiences.

We are committed to foster not only leadership qualities but also encourage our students to develop rigour in learning and pursue their academic goals. Each student’s identity as a competent, lifelong learner and agent of positive change is diligently promoted. I envision school programs to become effective incubators of learning where students are not only educated but challenged, nurtured and encouraged.

List of Trustees of Kannada Sangha

Name Title Profession
Mr. Kushal Hegde Hon. President Entrepreneur
Mrs. Indira Salian Hon. Vice President Educationist, Poetess
Dr. Narayan G. Hegde Hon. Vice President Consultant & NGO
Mrs. Malati S. Kalmadi Hon. Secretary Educationist
Dr. Uday G. Shetty Hon. Jt. Secretary Medical Practitioner
Mr. A. Srinivas Alva Hon. Treasurer Chartered Accountant
Mrs. Radhika Sharma Hon. Jt. Treasurer Educationist
Mr. P. Narayan Hon. Trustee Practicing Advocate
Dr. Chandrahas Shetty Hon. Trustee District Governor – Lions Club
Dr. Balajith Shetty Hon. Trustee Management Consultant
Mr. Ashwin Shastri Hon.Jt Secretary Management Consultant
Dr Shashikala Gurpur Hon. Trustee Director – Symbiosis Law School
Mrs. Payal Kalmadi Bhartia Hon. Trustee Business
Mrs.Devika Shetty Hon. Trustee
Mr. Sudhakar Rao Hon. Trustee Management Consultant

Our Team

A good education can change anyone. A good teacher can change everything.

We are committed to continuous professional development of all our teaching staff so that we can ensure quality education for your children. Teachers frequently attend outside courses, workshops, orientations as well as in-house trainings, do extensive research and undergo evaluations to keep abreast and adopt current and best teaching practices and subject knowledge.

At the beginning of every year, each department sets its objectives and plans approaches, methods, activities and tools and conducts ‘model lessons’. Throughout the year, during weekly department meetings, teaching problems are discussed, solutions explored collectively, sharing takes place and extra inputs are given to improve the teaching-learning process.

Our current staff count is
Teaching Staff – 68
Non-Teaching Staff – 8
Office Staff – 3
Helpers – 16

School Coordinator – Anjali Kulkarni
Supervisor – Mithila Joshi

Heads of Department

Cultural In-charge: Smita Vanarase
Discipline In-charge: PE Dept
Maths : Mithila Joshi
Science : Anjali Patil, Uma Barbhai
English : Monisha Abhyankar,Naomi R
Marathi : Priya Atre
Hindi : Ajay Jadhav
Social Studies: Anuradha Adhav, Lekha Kulkarni
PE Dept: Sunita Swami
Art Dept: Bhimsen Mahagaonkar
ATL Dept: Manisha Girolkar
Computer Dept: Jyoti Dhore
NIE incharge- Anindita Sharma
Magazine (Atulya)- Megha Salvi
Staff Secretary- Meenakshi Bhat
Academic coordinator for gifted program- Pallavi Iyer
Gifted program coordinator- Shubhada Karnik
Senior supervisor- Mithila Joshi
Junior Supervisor- Ajay Jadhav

Teaching Staff

English & SST Department

Mrs. Pallavi Naik
Mrs.  Anjali Kulkarni
Mrs. Sangeeta Mane
Mrs. Anuradha Adhav
Mrs. Monisha Abhyankar
Mrs. Tejaswini Haldule
Mrs. Deepali Kumbhar
Mrs. Lekha Kulkarni
Ms. Shraddha Shah
Mrs, Shradha Mirkale
Mrs. Anandita Sharma
Mrs. Vrinda Datey
Mrs. M. Shedbalkar
Ms. Anita Tathe
Mrs. Priya Gokhale
Mrs. Medha Hirve
Mrs. Kanchan Bhat
Mrs. Rupali Khedkar
Mrs. Rupali Joshi

Science & Maths Department

Mrs. Smita Vanarase
Mrs. Swati P. Kale
Mrs. Anjali Gulanikar
Mrs. Meenakshi Bhat
Mrs. Seema Welankar
Mrs. Manjushree Yeolekar
Mrs. Manisha Kale
Mrs. Mithila Joshi
Ms. Uma Barbhai
Ms. Smita Naik
Mrs. Kirti Vaze
Mrs. Manasi Nimbargi
Mrs. Naznin Panesar
Mrs. Pallavi Iyer
Mrs. Snehal Bhumkar
Mrs. Jayashree Kadam
Mrs. Shankari Rao
Mrs. Manjiri Ambevadikar
Mrs. Aparna Bhave
Mrs. Gayatri Deshpande
Mrs. Neeta Kulkarni

Hindi, Marathi, German and Sanskrit Department

Ms. Sunita Rankhambe
Mrs. Netra Tamhane
Mr. Ajay Jadhav
Mrs. Priya Atre
Mrs. Jayashree Narayankar
Mrs. Snehal Kulkarni
Mrs. Sonali Ghodke
Mrs. Ragini Joshi
Mrs. Shama Khare
Mr. Sharad Mohan Bhoite
Mrs. Shweta Shelke
Mrs. Gauri Kelkar
Mrs. Ashwini Devdhar

Computer Department

Mrs. Jyoti Dhore
Mrs. Manisha Girolkar
Mrs. Gauri Joshi
Mrs. Pranjal Tambe
Mrs. Shraddha Kulkarni
Mrs. Madhura Deshpande

Music & Art Department

Mrs. Aparna Lele
Mrs. Sanket Nashikkar
Mrs. Sneha Siddhapathaki
Mr. B. Mahagaonkar
Mrs. Madhura Deshpande

PE Department

Mrs. Sunita Swami
Mr. Mahesh Patil
Mr. Avinash Patil
Mrs. Vaishali Shinde

Non-Teaching Staff

Mrs. Shubhada Karnik
Ms Sampada Deshpande
Ms. Rasika Sahasrabudhe
Mrs. Shamika Kulkarni
Mrs. Maithili Kadekar
Ms. Sanika Natu
Mrs. Kalyani Kolhatkar
Ms. Jyoti Rao
Mr. Suhas Bhat
Mr. Rajendra Chakare
Mr. Paresh Shinde

Office Staff

Mrs.  Vibha Joshi
Mrs.  R. Deshmane
Mrs. Snehal Nidgundi
Ms. Bhakti Rohit Godbole


Mrs. Geeta Kulkarni
Mr. Govind Diwane
Mr. Shashikant Gosavi
Mr. Kisan Mahadik
Mr. Dilip Dhumal
Mr. Gopinath Gaikwad
Mr. Dinesh More


Mr. Tanaji A.G.
Mr. Mohan Kandhare
Mr. Gopal Kharade
Mrs. Swati Chavan
Mr. Rajendra Begade
Mr. Anil Mapari
Mr. Raju Kanojya
Mr. Aditya Gaikwad


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