Community Service Projects

Lending our hands and hearts

At KHSG Secondary Section Pune, we believe opportunities do not differentiate on your background or your circumstances; they are simply there for the taking. What matters is whether you have the know-how to grab them and make the most of them. To help pass on these skills – which our students feel grateful for learning through their schooling – to those who were frowned upon by fate, KHSG Secondary Section Pune has taken the initiative to give back to society.


We do so through various social welfare and learning programs. Through these community service activities at KHSG Secondary Section Pune, we aim to progress on our mission of promoting lifelong learning. Not only does it positively impact the life of several communities which needed a helping hand, it also teaches our students the value of contributing to social progress.


Scroll ahead for glimpses of our ongoing community services activities.

Kaveri Gramsetu Project

This was a project we undertook with collaboration from Grampari Panchgani, an NGO with goals similar to ours. To nurture a sense of togetherness and bridge the gaps between students from urban and rural areas, we jointly organized this Kaveri Gramsetu Project with Janata Madhyamik Vidyalay, Satara. This was KHSG’s frontier step towards building an ecosystem of social entrepreneurship.

Students from rural areas don’t need any special teachers. They are capable of self-learning. Through such activities, these students are developing their inquisitiveness, problem solving, and creativity.
– Malati S. Kalmadi

Kaveri Community Service Project

The cancellation of the CBSE board exams gave impetus to this project. We wanted to inculcate in our students the idea of volunteering as a social responsibility. This project included students of standard 10th, so that our outgoing students stepped out of school with a social worldview. Through various activities, we gave our sincere efforts towards the improvement of English communication of students of KHS, Kannada Medium. It was a 2-month project.

The people who will be learning are students and the ones teaching are also students! This project taught through candid dialogue and every little idea contributed by the participants became very helpful.
– Mrs. Pallavi Naik.