Parent Corner

Parent Corner


While admissions are generally taken at the pre-primary level, we do take new students in the availability of a vacant seat.

Admission process begins in the month of March and is as follows

  1. A notice will be put up in the office and on the website announcing the number of seats available.
  2. Parents fill out the admission form which is available at our office timings.
  3. Along with the form, a copy of the report card and original school leaving certificate from the previous school as well as photographs of your child are necessary.

We recommend that you carry Xerox copies and originals of all the needed documents when you come to collect the form for easier processing at the earliest.

  1. After a screening process, you and your child will be invited for an interview.
  2. On the basis of the interview, a selection list will be displayed in the school.

We look forward to welcoming you to our school.


Various committees ensure we have a 360 degree focus on important aspects of the school execution.

Std Name of Student Name of Teacher Phone number Name of Parent Phone number Email Id
V Tapde Naitik Narendra Netra Tamhane 8329070744 Narendra Tapde 9823242469
VI Vandekar Dev Hemant Mrs. Manasi Kelkar 9850962970 Hemant Vandekar 9881990019
VII Gundecha Akshara Dhiraj Vrunda Datey 9403186315 Adhiraj Gundecha 9890317731
VIII Awati Shaan Amol Snehal Bhumkar 8888848767 Deepal Awati 9545927555
IX Chaudhari Sarang Yatin Shirish Patil 9423212556 Seema Choudhari 8329031883
X Sangale Parth Hanumant Mithila Joshi 9011051163 Manisha Sangale 7448122074
Sr. No. Class Name of Teacher Name of the Class Representative Contact No. Email Id.
1 V A Munawar Shedbalkar Mrs. Kadambari Karpe 9823009911
Mr. Narendra Tapde 9156676676
2 V B Shraddha Shah Mrs. Purva Ghodekar 9623446065
Dr. Smita Shelake 9860848409
3 V C Sutapa Sengupta Mr. Amol Pate 9552511101
Mr. Ajay Amle 7498013235
4 V D Sonali Ghodke Mrs. Akshada Kulkarni 9822847467
Mrs. Payal Keswani 9923036151
5 V E Snehal Kulkarni Mrs. Manisha Gore 9657031154
Mrs. Sunila Adkar 9881167904
6 V F Netra Tamhane Mrs. Akshata Naik 9673940268
Mrs. Supriya Gokhale 9922909054
7 VI A Tejaswini Haldule Mrs. Kshiti Kolhatkar (Main PTA) 9881156502
Mrs. Manjiri Kanetkar 9822032197
8 VI B Meenakshi Bhat Mrs. Vijayalakashmi Iyer (main PTA) 9763580306
Mrs. Hema Angadi 8888863135
9 VI C Pooja Deshmukh Mrs. Prachi Godse (main PTA) 9881549187
Mrs. Sumedha Gharpure 9422034920
10 VI D Anandita Sharma Mrs. Vaishali Dasharath (Main PTA) 9604036828
Mrs. Nishida Rajguru 9922755554
11 VI E Pranali Udekar Mrs. Purva Vidwat (Main PTA) 9527834090
Mrs. Sarita Anil Bora 9890912491
12 VI F Manasi Kelkar Mrs. Priya Gade (Main PTA) 9921335836
Mrs. Priti Lohogaonkar 9960682264
13 VII A Aishwarya Borate Mrs Rashmi Khasnis 7756952092
Mrs. Sangeeta Shinde 9923599235
14 VII B Deepali Kumbhar Mrs. Rashmi Thakur 9822412712
Mrs. Vaishali Bandewar 9881802233
15 VII C Ragini Joshi Mrs. Smita Jadhav 9769747999
Mrs. Darshana Lathi 7775831822
16 VII D Jayashree Narayankar Mrs. Ruplekha Hegde 8983620445
Mr. Anirudha Deshpande 9890910880
17 VII E Kavita Shirali Mrs. Aditi Erande 9168292323
Mr. Sanjay Khorate 9890446765
18 VII F Vrunda Datey Mrs. Hemangi Namwar 9372959567
Mr. Aniruddha Dindorkar 9822034216
Sr. No. Class Name of Teacher Name of the Class Representative Contact No. Email Id.
1 VIII A Priya Atre Shri. Mandar Gokarn 9822478486
Mrs. Gauri Achalla 9960865588
2 VIII B Manjushree Yeolekar Mrs. Ashwini Jadhav 8087596691
Mrs. Amita Dhadphale 9822914717
3 VIII C Smita Vanarase Mr. Gulzar Desphande 9561063453
Mrs. Tanuja Chandratreya 9822566278
4 VIII D Ajay Jadhav Mr. Anup Achalere 9503023360
Dr. Neha Malkhare 9822652067
5 VIII E Naomi Rajendran Mrs. Manasi Desphande 9986256732
6 VIII F Snehal Bhumkar Mrs. Sonali Mutha 9850923928
Mrs. Manasi Gole 9970417929
7 IX A Anjali Gulanikar Mrs. Prachi Bhave 9869347269
Mrs. Gauri Kurwalkar 9552524880
8 IX B Shirish Patil Mrs. Kalyani Gokhale 9561643243
Mr. Amrish Parika 9325312089
9 IX C Ashwini Erande Mrs. Gauri Gandhe 9623294600
Mrs. Ketki Ovhal 9370125156
10 IX D Lekha Kulkarni Mr. Mahesh Hundekar 8220008457
Mr. Narhar Kulkarni 9422307240
11 IX E Manasi Nimbargi Mrs. Rachana Oza 9881909282
Mrs. Reena Thole 9923754400
12 IX F Aarti Gosavi Mrs. Gauri Sardesai 9604601404
Mrs. Archana Waikar 9511618393
13 X A Seema Welankar Mrs. Prita Amit Patil 9850045722
Mrs. Pranita Deshpande 9822047706
14 X B Shraddha Mirkale Mrs. Aarti Kakade 7378813221
15 X C Anuradha Adhav Mr. Sanjay Kher 9822326590
16 X D Monisha Abhyankar Mrs. Shweta Patil 9890875159
Mrs. Snehal Joshi 9890696596
17 X E Uma Barbhai Mrs. Anupama Shukla 9767498686
18 X F Manisha Kale Mr. Mandar Bhalerao 9970309990

  1. School hours are from 7.30 a.m to 1.30 p.m. Monday to Friday for Std. V to VIII.
  2. Std IX & Std X attend school on Saturdays also.
  3. Office hours are from 8.30 a.m to 1.30 p.m. Monday to Friday.
  4. Parents can meet class/subject teachers on Fridays after school hours.
  5. Parents can meet the Principal with prior appointment after 11.00 a.m.

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