Counselling and Special Education Unit

Kaveri Group of Institutes (KGI) has been a pioneer in initiating significant steps in the field of schools and establishing caring systems. The Kaveri Counselling Unit is one such step which was started in 1994. It has been 28 years and the counselling team has been expanding into smaller units like the special education and remedial team, and lately into gifted education as well. We are proud that our establishment has truly strived to be equitable towards delivering services for students well-being in a school.

Main Objectives :


1. Enhancing the Psychological well-being of each student, teachers and parents of KGI.
2. Conducting assessments and interventions for students who have behavioral issues.
3. Handling issues related to
– Managing academic and school related stress.
– Bullying and peer pressures.
– Introducing better coping strategies to handle the socio-emotional issues of the student.
4. Prevention – Generating awareness to avert future problems, like media addiction.

We at KGI believe in striving towards academic excellence in the learning process that is interactive, application-oriented and joyous.
Some of the regular programs conducted for the schools are:

Enriching Minds Program

Enriching Minds Programme is a mental health awareness program conducted in all our institutes to ensure the emotional, social and cognitive well being among our students, teachers and parents.

Know and Grow

This is a unique program where experts address the issues of puberty for both sexes and discuss the emotional issues related to physiological growth.

Compassionate week

Bringing forth the need to observe being compassionate with fellow classmates and others in the community.

Kaveri Counselling team

Dr. Devasena Desai

Dr. Devasena Desai, a doctorate in psychology from Jnana Prabodhini’s Institute of Psychology. She has been a consultant psychologist at the Kaveri Gifted Center since 2014 and is currently the Associate Director for Kaveri Counselling, Empowerment, and Gifted Center. Dr. Desai works towards creating systems for the counselling unit and facilitates in enhancing the work of school Counselors and Special Educators. She has 27 years of experience as a private practitioner, a master trainer in parenting, and teaching methods, and about 9 years in gifted counselling and education. She has several research papers to her credit and is the author of three books as well. Currently working on creating policies for incorporating giftedness in schools.

Mrs. Shubhada Karnik

Mrs. Shubhada Karnik has her masters in Clinical Psychology and PG. Dip School Psychology and B.Ed in Special Education. She is working as a Senior School Counselor for the past 13 years with Dr. Kalmadi Shamarao High School, Secondary Section, Ganesh Nagar. Shubhada has been conducting regular training programs for parents in parenting, handling adolescent behavior issues and managing academic performances. She has also conducted workshops for students on study skills and stress management. She has been handling tough counseling cases of adolescent bullying, behavior problems and defiant behavior of students. She has published articles in newspapers on various topics such as language development, parenting styles and disciplining techniques.

Ms. Sampada Deshpande

An avid reader and learner at heart Ms. Sampada Deshpande is a School Counselor at KHSG for VI to IX graders. She strongly believes in building resilience and expression in children to ensure an emotionally healthy life. With one year of clinical experience, she is currently building her expertise in CBT for children and adolescents.

Ms. Rasika Sahasrabudhe

Ms. Rasika Sahasrabudhe has her masters in Clinical Psychology. She joined the KHS team in the year 2022 and works as a School Counselor with VI to IX graders. Rasika is of soothing and caring nature making her easily approachable for students who seek intense counseling for adolescent issues like friendships, problems related to parenting styles, and home environment. She is keen on developing emotional awareness among youngsters in order to promote emotion regulation. Her creative and empathetic approach enhances her counseling and her work with children. She has expertise in the German Language as well.

Sanika Natu

Sanika Natu has a Master's in Clinical Psychology and is currently working as a school counselor at KHSG. Sanika is passionate about supporting students achieve their highest potential in academic and socio-emotional areas. She is committed to providing a safe and supportive environment where students can explore their thoughts and feelings, develop coping skills, and build resiliency. Sanika also has experience in website content writing.

Kaveri Empowerment Centre

Special Education in KGI started from 2008-09 with a view to support and guide children facing academic challenges in the areas of Reading, Writing, Spellings, Comprehension and Math. The Special Educators’ team is motivated and dedicated to bring a change in students’ learning styles by trying to encourage them to adapt to their educational needs, strengths and weaknesses by utilising various evidence-based strategies.


The team undergoes a training and continuous professional development by the renowned Anjali Morris Foundation in Pune. We hugely rely on the Problem-Solving Method during the intervention sessions.
The accommodations and modifications are planned as per the severity and requirements of the individual students. Special Education is looked upon as a very sensitive and critical department by the management with the Associate Director Dr. Devasena Desai’s guidance. Inputs from the Principles of various Units and the inspiring leadership of Mrs. Malati Kalmadi we strive to work towards ensuring every child is entitled towards equal support and guidance in schools.

Kaveri Special Educators’ team

Dr. Devasena Desai

Dr. Devasena Desai, doctorate in psychology from Jnana Prabodhini’s Institute of Psychology. She has been a consultant psychologist at the Kaveri Gifted center since 2014 and currently the Associate director for Kaveri Counselling, Empowerment, and Gifted Center. Dr. Desai works towards creating systems for the counselling unit and facilitates in enhancing the work of school Counselors and special educators. She has 27years of experience as a master trainer in parenting, teaching methods and about 9 years in gifted counselling and education.

Mrs. Shamika Kulkarni

Has her Masters in Clinical Psychology and B.Ed. in Special Education (Learning Disabilities) from Mumbai HACSE. She has been associated with Kalmadi school, Ganesh Nagar for the past 3 years. She does assessments for students with learning difficulties in the secondary school, designs IEPs and works with Parents of the children and empowers them to work along with their child.

Mrs. Maithili Kadekar

Has her masters in Clinical Psychology as well as in Counselling Psychology. She has 9 years of experience in this field. She adapts well to the needs of her students and is also involved in conducting assessments, designing of IEP’S and planning intervention sessions. Maithili has wide experience in conducting psycho-educational assessments, conducting workshops for students as well as for parents on topics such as study skills, behavioural and academic concerns, motivation and team building for teachers. She initiated a pilot project for students having poor academic performance which ranged from preparing informal assessment to preparing IEPs & sensitised teacher and parents with the same.