Student Life

We provide the right mix of curricular, co-curricular and extracurricular activities, to build a strong base for our children’s education.

Dr. Kalmadi Shamarao High School - Primary Section follows the CBSE syllabus. From Std. I to IV our children will study core subjects like English, Maths, Environmental Science, Computers, General Knowledge, Marathi and Hindi and Value Education through the refreshing and engrossing method of School Cinema.


From Std. I to IV, your child’s progress through the year is assessed through a Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) process. CCE ensures that we assess all aspects of your child’s development, including academic and co-curricular abilities, life skills, attitude and behaviour, without any stress to the child. This is done through summative and formative assessments and assesses the knowledge, understanding, comprehension, applying, analysing, evaluating and creativity of a child.

Formative assessment

is integrated in the teaching-learning process and assesses your child on the basis of participation in class projects, co-curricular activities and the lab tasks.

Summative assessment

consists of two-unit tests, terminal exams and annual exams, which are conducted internally.

Innovative Activities done in the class

We add to the school experience by incorporating music, arts, craft, field visits and participate in physical training. Our children are active participants in assembly skits, interclass competitions like the poetry festival, clay modelling, dramatization, drawing competitions, various competitive exams. These co-curricular activities give our children a platform for experiential learning and self-expression. We put great focus on improving our children’s abilities, evolving logical and conceptual thinking and imparting a greater sense of well-being in them.

Enhanced Learning Activities

We offer a wide range of extracurricular activities for our children to choose from such as Zumba, taekwondo, Rope Mallakhamb, Gymnastics, dance, yoga etc. This is an ideal time and platform for our children to identify their talents and interests and nurture them.

Details on Enhanced Learning Activities

Taekwondo at KHS Primary School

It is a Korean Martial Art which means the art of kicking and punching. In school we teach children the basic punches, kicks and blocks, Poomsae and Fight up for motivation and experience Taekwondo inculcates sense of discipline , respect, self confidence and self defence.

Conducted by: Mr Rajesh Poojari

Yoga at KHS Primary School

Yoga is well known for its calming effects. The practice of Yoga offers a way to link the multiple aspects , mind, body and spirit of a person through posture and breathing. In our school Yoga is catered in a manner which is brought down to the level of the children so that they could understand its importance and also helps to counter the stress experienced by the little one living in a hurry up world.

Conducted by: Mrs. Arti Vidwans

Contemporary Dance at KHS Primary School

Contemporary Dance form is all about the focus of its technique , contemporary dance tends to combine the strong but controlled leg work of ballet with modern that stresses on torso. It also employs contract-release, floor work, fall and recovery and improvisation characteristics of modern dance. Unpredictable changes in rhythm, speed and direction are often used. It makes you slim, flexible and fit.

Conducted by: Mr. Shivprasad

Zumba at KHS Primary School

Zumba fitness is a Latin-inspired Cardio-dance workout that uses music and choreographed steps to form a fitness party atmosphere. Zumba activity begins with a dynamic warmup and ends with a cool down and some static stretching. The workout portion was broken down by songs each with a different dance routine. Sometimes they use their own flair, dance steps or even an entirely new routine on children’s favourite songs.

Conducted by: Mrs. Vrushali Vora

Gymnastics at KHS Primary School

Gymnastics is a combined set for children to improve the basic strength and stretching and enhance the team spirit, balancing and discipline in their respective sports. It also helps in developing focus and patience in all sense of activity they perform while doing gymnastics and other day to day activities because gymnastics is the best of all the sports.

Conducted by: Mr. Tejas Bhingardevay

Tabla at KHS Primary School

Tabla is used as an instrument that controls rhythm and tempo of musical notes being played. There are many benefits of playing Tabla. It enhances coordination, sharpens your reading skills, improves respiratory system, increases listening skills, promotes sense of achievement, boosts concentration and reforms time management skills. In our school we teach the children two tals.

Conducted by: Mr. Vineet Tikonkar

Rope Mallakhamb at KHS Primary School

Mallakhamb is a traditional Indian sport in which a gymnast performs feats and poses in concert with a vertical rope. Mallakhamb is a systematic, scientific and very methodical mode of physical exercise. It imparts proper tone and form to every muscle and perfect control over each part of the body. Students learn Rope Mallakhamb for one hour twice in a week. We also send our students for various Interschool, District level and State level competitions.

Conducted by: Mr. Sujay Godbole

School Events

We have various events at KHS Primary School throughout the year to celebrate the colours and the music of life together.


Our Innovatia program was introduced to induce scientific temperament. VIGYAN BHRAMANTI - to go near to the nature and nurture it.

Intra school events:

Your child will certainly treasure the memories of internal school events and cultural events such as Swar Vigyan – science behind music, Festival of Poetry, Annual Sports, Annual Concert, Guru Pournima, Shishu Geet, Clay modelling etc

Interschool events:

In Std. III and IV, your child will participate in interschool events such as the IT Cyber Genius, Shishu Geet Mahotsav, Cyber Champ and Interschool Sports. These platforms will encourage the child to have a healthy competitive spirt and be confident under pressure.

Interschool Sports events:

Our school also hosts Interschool Sports competitions in Volleyball and Rope Mallakhamb.

Indian festivals

We celebrate many Indian Festivals to impart a sense of respect and acceptance for varied traditions and cultures, a crucial step in becoming a global citizen. These festivals include Ganesh Chaturthi, Raksha Bandhan, Holi, Ras-Garba, Diwali, Christmas, Independence day and Republic day.

Manan - A multi-faith prayer

Student Achievements

Ahana Godbole – table tennis

Ahana Godbole from 3rd A Ruby, won the first prize in District level under 11 table tennis tournament.

Shaunak Anwekar – Marathi story telling competition

Shaunak Anwekar from 4th Std, Garnet class got the third prize in interschool Marathi story telling competition.

Shourya Damle – Everest Base camp

Shourya Damle from 1st E Aster successfully completed the 14 days Everest Base camp in Diwali Vacations.

Interschool competition

Anjuman Islam school conducted an interschool athletic sports Competition on 11 January 2023.

Reyansh Dahale – Yoga

Reyansh Dahale from Std 1 won the third prize in state level yoga competition.

Janvi Kumavat – Yoga

Janvi Kumavat from Std 4 won third prize in state level yoga competition.

Kaushik Bhandari – Yoga

Kaushik Bhandari from Std 2 won the second prize in state level yoga competition.

Chinmay Sane – Yoga

Chinmay Sane from Std 2 won the second prize in state level yoga competition.

Atharva Date – Yoga

Atharva Date from Std 2 won the 1st prize in state level yoga competition.

House Teams

Our four House Teams named after four forces of nature: Surya, Agni, Varun and Prithvi.
Each represent a unique quality we wish to inculcate in our students.

Surya House

Color: Yellow

Fortune rests on courage

Agni House

Color: Red

Truth is the highest religion

Pruthvi House

Color: Green

Knowledge is adorned by Modesty

Varun House

Color: Blue

Unity is strength


The house system allows the child to work with groups of girls and boys of different age groups and different opinions to develop teamwork and leadership skills.

Every year elections are held in the month of June when students select Prefects and Vice Prefects and Games Captain and Vice Games Captain. Games Captain, Prefects are selected from standard IV and Vice Games Captain, Vice Prefects are selected from standard III.

House Prefects, Vice Prefects, Games Captain and Vice Games Captain undertake a solemn oath to carry out their duties and responsibilities with honesty, kindness and excellence. An Investiture Ceremony takes place in the month of July to mark this occasion and the office bearers receive their badges.


Our children understand the importance of democracy through this entire process.

Our counsellors assist you to ensure that your children get the best out of the opportunities we offer at KHSP. Our trained counsellors are always available to support your child in the process of coping with the increasing pressures and deal with various problems. They also facilitate and guide healthy channelling of emotions through various therapies and tools.

Alumni Registration Form


    Welcome back!

    It gives us immense satisfaction to learn how far you have come in your lives. Your decision to stay connected with the school in whatever manner is very valuable and will indeed make a difference. We are proud of each one of you and welcome you to share the knowledge and experience.

    Lt. Harsh-Bharti

    Lt. HARSH BHARATI - KHSian Alumnus making us feel proud. Harsh Bharati, full of naughtiness and mischievous joined this Alma Mater in Std I in the year 1999-2000 and passes out of his 10th in the batch of 2009. After completing his graduation, the call of motherland prevailed upon as he came back home to pursue his childhood dream to join ARMY as Commissioned officer. He also worked in ISSAC and simultaneously prepared for his entrance exam , SSB ( Senior Selection Board). He has been successful in SSB and joined Officers Training Academy, Chennai. He completed this tough training on 8th Sep’18 and was commissioned as an officer Lt. Harsh Bharati KHS family takes pride wishing him all the best, Teachers and our principal appreciated his efforts. Lt. Harsh Bharati shared his experiences of selection, procedure and training with the teachers and students of Primary and Kannada Medium Students.

    Ar. Akanksha Jitendra Wakhare

    Akanksha throughout her schooling has been an outgoing and brilliant child. She successfully completed her graduation to become an architect. She took on to urban studies for her post graduation. Akanksha completed her master's program, in May 2019 successfully, with several accolades in her kitty. She secured the second rank in Mumbai University - M.Arch.(Urban Design). Her post graduation thesis – “Deciphering plurality in the public realm : Befitting the contemporary urban paradigms” has been recognized as worthy of securing the first rank in Mumbai University. Her papers have been published in the esteemed Journal of Indian Institute of Architects. We wish her luck for her future endeavors in making our cities livable and people oriented.