Come, be a part of the KHS family.

While admissions are generally taken at the pre-primary level, we do take on new students if there is a vacant seat.

  • Our admission procedure for Pre-Primary begins in the month of December.
  • The admission form will be available on our website.
  • Parents must fill the form and submit it online to apply for admission.
  • While filling the form, parents must upload the birth certificate and the photo of the child. (If you are unable to upload, you can bring the hard copy of the same if called for interaction.)
  • We will screen the forms and a preliminary list will be displayed on the web site.
  • If your child’s name is in the list, your child will be called to school for a teacher interaction, which is followed by a test.
  • Following this and based on the interaction, a list of children who have secured admission will be displayed on the web site.
  • After the admission is confirmed, parents submit the following documents to the school office:
    • Original Birth Certificate for admissions to Pre-primary and Std. I.
    • Original school leaving certificate for admissions to Std. II and above.

We look forward to welcoming you to our school!

School Rules

The school days are Monday to Friday-

Std. I and II 

School hours are from 12.35 p.m. to 5.15 p.m. for

Std. III and IV

School hours are from 7.25 a.m. to 12.30 p.m.  For

Office hours:

Monday to Friday from 9.30 am to 1.30 p.m.

Parents can meet class/subject teachers on Fridays after school hours.

Parents can meet the Vice-Principal between 11.00 a.m. and 12.30 p.m. with prior appointment.

GTA – Guardian Teacher Association

The school GTA forms a vital link between parents and the school.

It comprises of parents and teachers representing all standards and divisions from Std. I to IV. It. The GTA members are elected annually. As a parent, you can always suggest your ideas and associate with us. You can also share your concern with respective GTA members. The GTA member will then communicate to us.



1 III Ruby Mrs. Poonam Nadkarni
Mrs. Anagha Chandwadkar
Master Gandhar Chandwadkar
2 III Opal Mrs. Archana Kajale
Mrs. Shweta Patil
Ms. Sachi Patil
3 III Jade Mrs. Kinjal Chouhan
Mrs. Sunila Adkar
Master Shirin Adkar
4 III Coral Mrs. Ujjwala Kulkarni
Mr. Ravi Chougule
Ms. Archa Chougule
5 IV Pearl Mrs.Nilofer Ansari
Mrs. Sheetal Bhise
Ms. Rama Bhise
6 IV Garnet Mr. Chitra Hardikar
Mrs. Priya Gade
Ms. Avanee Gade
7 IV Emerald Mrs. Sonal Khandelwal
Mrs. Amita Samant
Master Aditya Samant
8 IV Diamond Mrs.Neha Joshi
Mrs. Poonam Kanade
Ms. Swara Kanade
9 IV Topaz Mrs.Nisha Tapde
Mrs. Nupur Kher
Ms. Anushka Kher


1 I Rose Mrs. Neeta Bharati
Mrs. Shubra Pandit
Ms. Nabha Pandit
2 I Lily Mrs. Rakhee Patil
Mr. Hitesh Shah
Ms. Urvi Hitesh Shah
3 I Tulip Mrs. Snehal Patil
Mrs. Radhika Ashish Pande
Ms. Saavi Ashish Pande
4 I Daisy Mrs. Leena Pachorkar
Mr. Swarup Sewalkar
Ms. Sharini Sewalkar
5 I Aster Mrs. Swati Ranade
Mrs. Varsha Paigude
Ms. Juee Paigude
6 II Jasmine Mrs. Sameena Shaikh
Mr. Saurabh Pande
Ms. Sajiree Pande
7 II Bluebell Mrs. Sujata Kulkarni
Mr. Sudarshan Lodha
Master Arham Lodha
8 II Lotus Ms. Leena Kakani
Mrs. Anagha Kulkarni
Ms. Aarya Kulkarni
9 II Sunflower Mrs. Shilpa Salvi
Mrs. Deepali Gujar
Ms. Avanti Gujar
10 II Orchid Mrs. Sreekala Kurup
Mrs. Archana Deokar
Master Advait Deokar

Executive Committee

One parent from every standard is elected through lottery system for the formation of Executive committee which involves:
- Principal as Chairperson
- Vice Chairman (a Parent)
- Secretary (a teacher)
- Joint Secretaries – 2
- Members – 2

Meetings of the GTA Executive Committee are held separately once in every 3 months.

The executive committee 2019-20 was formed on 22/06/2019. Please note the following details.

No. Designation Name of the Person
1 Chairman Mrs. Jyoti Kadkol
2 Vice Chairman Mrs. Vrushali Inamdar
3 Secretary Mrs. Nilofar Ansari
4 Joint Secretary Mr. Sachin Bhorekar
Mr. Arun Poojary
5 Members Mrs. Sameena Shaikh
Mrs. Swati Ranade
Mrs. Archana Kajale
Mrs. Vishakha Deshpande

Notices and Circulars

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