Computer lab - Primary School

Computer Unit - School IT Hub

In 1994 we took a decision to make computer education compulsory thus making us pioneers in that area. Today we have a spacious computer lab, which provides one computer for every child at KHS CBSE Primary School

Art and craft room - Primary School

Art & Craft - Creative Endeavors

Our art and craft room is a lively, colourful place full with our children's creative energy. Our palette shaped tables provide stations for children to enjoy drawing and craft and a stage for puppet shows put up by our KHS High School - Primary teachers.

Library - Primary School

Library - Ocean of Knowledge

Our KHS Primary Schoo library is well stocked with over 10,000 books as well as educational and story CDs. Once a week our children will spend a wonderful time in the library reading books and adore the ‘underwater scenes’ decorating the walls and tables.

Audio Visual Centre - Primary School

AV ROOM - Visual Treat

The audio visual medium is a very attractive learning tool for the young learners. We use our AV room to show short films, documentaries and learning content that provides learning as well as entertainment in an effective way.

Music room - Primary School

Music Room - Melody for the Soul

Our music room and trained gurus add rhythm to your child’s life by imparting knowledge and music. Traditional musical instruments and inspirational performances by classical music maestros add to their experience.

Counselling Unit - Primary School

Counsiling Unit - Helping Hand

Our KHS Primary Section counselling unit has trained and competent counsellors who take care of the academic and behavioural issues amongst children. They work as a bridge between the teachers, parents and our children to bring about the well being and development of our children.

Auditorium - Primary School

Physical training - Primary School

We give our children opportunities to participate in physical training, yoga, taekwondo, skating and other games, in our spacious stilts. We use our neighbourhood ground lined with trees for special training.

Games on ground
Physical Training Demonstration
Stilt - Activity Hub
Fun and Frolic