Mrs. Jyothi S. Kadkol


“I feel highly privileged to have the opportunity to serve the needs of student community and to be part of the esteemed institute of KHS which imparts child centric education. I heartily welcome you to KHS Primary.”

The five golden values which lead us to success and satisfaction are:

  • Women centric family
  • Child centric education
  • Innovation centric INDIA
  • Human centric development
  • Culture centric society

We are aware that as educators we need to create a learning atmosphere that encourages and facilitates children to achieve excellence in all spheres of life. We believe that while we nurture the learner within the child we should also retain the child within the learner. In this process of nurturing we ensure that children imbibe the essential values along with attaining knowledge with the strong foundation of culture. This helps us reach the goal.


KHS has always carried the legacy of child centric education and imparts education in a child friendly and safe environment. While illuminating the lives of young budding leaders of the future we require the convex lens leadership which always focuses on the personality of the child. The most valuable of asset of KHS family is the staff. Our motivated, experienced and enthusiastic teachers create a learner friendly atmosphere. The facilities of computers, classrooms with LCD projector facilities, art and craft room and library make students’ progress efficient.


Our various programmes and innovative approaches help to shape the overall personality of the child. I am sure that with the collective teamwork and effort of teachers, parents and students we will witness the happy and bright future of our students.

Our Vision

We put emphasis on the big picture.

What children learn at this age lasts with them for the entire life. Our learning process is based on the following four pillars:


Every child has great potential and a unique way of perceiving and interacting with the world. It is important for optimum development that this individuality is respected, encouraged and nurtured. We provide continuous guidance and support to every child to fulfil this goal.


Academic learning is one component of a good education. We offer extra-curricular activities to enhance the personality and build valuable life skills in our children. With us, children will gain confidence, persistence and resilience in all spheres of their school life. They will also learn to systematically organize and manage time and resources.


We endeavour to raise our children in a strong value system which is an amalgamation of the old and the new values, giving our children the best of both the traditional and modern worlds. Our school culture and the positive attitude of our teachers will inculcate a spirit of tolerance and teamwork in every child and to be fair-minded, responsible and humble.


We strongly believe that a stress-free environment is essential for optimum growth. Your child will learn by engaging in dynamic dialogues with teachers. Projects and Experiential learning boost the skill building. Innovative teaching methods and a variety of visuals and audio adds to the process of making.

“At the primary level, teachers are highly influential role models who have a deep impact on children.”

Our teachers are trained, qualified and experienced to do justice to this important task. Our quality circle, ASSET – question a day as well as various workshops empower teachers to assess their teaching, identify teaching/learning gaps. They use these platforms and a variety of technology tools to simplify topics for children and make learning enjoyable and interesting.

Feather in our cap!

We are very proud to mention that one of our teachers recently received the “Best Maths Coordinator” award from science Olympiad Foundation, New Delhi based organization.

Teacher's staff
Helpers staff


  • Mrs. Jyothi Kadkol

Supervisor - Morning Shift

  • Mrs. Poonam Nadkarni

Supervisor - Afternoon shift

  • Mrs. Neeta Bharti

Hindi Teacher

  • Mrs. Aarti Deo
  • Mrs. Seema Dalvi

Marathi Teacher

  • Mrs. Asita Apte


  • Mrs. Ashwini Deshpande
  • Dr. Rajashree Mahajani

Computer Teachers

  • Mrs. Jyoti Wakhare
  • Mrs. Sonali Shinde
  • Mrs. Pranjal Tambe

Music Teachers

  • Dr. Rajashree Mahajani
  • Mrs. Madhuri Puranik

Art Teachers

  • Mrs. Pranita Ghanti
  • Mrs. Sangeeta Hande

P. T. Teachers

  • Mr. Anil Jadhav
  • Mrs. Swati Satpute


  • Mrs. Toral Kapadia
  • Mrs. Deepa Kajale

Remedial Teachers

  • Mrs. Suhasini Kulkarni
  • Mrs Prajakta Chincholikar


  • Mrs. Ashwini Awati


  • Anjali Lokare

Admin officer

  • Ashwini Awati

Afternoon Shift Teachers (STD I and II)

Class Class Division Name of the teacher
I A Rose Mrs. Seema Dalvi
I B Lily Mrs. Snehal Patil
I C Tulip Mrs.Anuja Kelkar
I D Daisy Mrs.Nisha Tapde
I E Aster Mrs.Rashmi Wathare
Class Class Division Name of the teacher
II A Jasmine Mrs. Neeta Bharti
II B Bluebell Mrs. Shilpa Salvi
II C Lotus Mrs. Sujata Kulkarni
II D Sunflower Ms. Leena Kakani
II E Orchid Mrs. Sonal Khandelwal

Morning Shift Teachers (Std III and IV)

Class Class Division Name of the teacher
III A Ruby Mrs. Archana Kajale
III B Opal Mrs. Rakhee Patil
III C Jade Mrs. Ujjwala Kulkarni
III D Coral Mrs. Sreekala Kurup
III E Jasper Mrs. Shilpa Salvi
Class Class Division Name of the teacher
IV A Pearl Mrs. Neha Joshi
IV B Garnet Ms. Chitra Hardikar
IV C Emerald Mrs. Jean Wilson
IV D Diamond Mrs. Nilofer Ansari
IV E Topaz Mrs. Poonam Nadkarni
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