World Mental Health Day

Every year on October 10, nations and organisations across the world observe Mental Health Day to raise awareness about mental health issues and put in efforts and support towards it.
The rise in social and economic inequalities, prolonged conflicts, violence, and public health emergencies are further threatening the well-being of people across the globe.


Often, because of misconceptions about mental health and mental fitness, people suffer in silence and their conditions go untreated. So, it is high time that we realize that instead of avoiding uncomfortable feelings we must rather to go towards them to get honest with ourselves and grow.


Today, this was our effort towards fulfilling the objective of reducing the stigma around mental illness and mental health conditions through the movie screening. Both XI and XII graders, especially Psychology students attended this session held on 15th October 2022.


We thought of Inside Out which was telecasted in the auditorium. The movie is all about Riley who moves to San Francisco, leaving behind her life in Minnesota with her parents. She and her five core emotions, Fear, Anger, Joy, Disgust and Sadness, struggle to cope with her new life.
Post movie screening, the discussion took place for an hour or so. The movie highlights the fact that we require all of our emotions: not just the so-called positive ones.
There are no emotions that are good or bad.
The fact that was embraced was the wholeness of ourselves and giving permission to ourselves to be ‘not okay’.
We all have core memories that have shaped us into the person that we are today.


Also, the theme Lonliness and its effect on Mental Health as announced by The Mental Health Foundation was also touched upon.
The session was a pleasant surprise for the students as they were expecting an educational documentary.
But they thoroughly enjoyed the activity.

Posters and slogans were invited from the students on occasion of World Mental Health Day!
The theme announced by The Mental health Foundation was Lonliness and its effect on Mental Health.

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