KSJC Campus

Computer Laboratory

Our advanced computer lab is equipped with internet facilities and 60 computers. Our lab facilitates the goal of providing hands on experience in computer software and hardware.

Science Laboratories

Well-equipped laboratories for Chemistry, Physics and Biology ensure experiential learning. Our lab serves as an essential platform that encourages our students to apply the theory that they learn in the classroom, enhancing their learning abilities.

Electronics Laboratory

Equipped fully to facilitate practical learning and experimentation, our electronics lab provides all the essential apparatus such as power supplies, CRO, function generator, dimmerstat and soldering guns. Safety and Efficiency are our major concerns and we have overload protection circulatory as a measure against short circuits and generator back up for unhindered learning.

The library is a pivot around which the entire education system revolves. Our college library was established in the year 1996, the same year as the college itself. The library is an essential resource for both teachers and students. Located on the 5th floor of the college building, our spacious library contains adequate sitting arrangement and a vast collection of various reading and audio-visual resources.

The Junior College library plays a vital role in enriching the lives of our students and staff. Our library has a vast collection of text books, reference books, competitive examination books, fiction, biographies/autobiographies along with books on self-improvement and CDs. In addition to these the library also has subscriptions to a number of newspapers and magazines. For reference and practice, question paper sets of board examinations and internal examinations of previous years are also available.

Magazines available in the library

Physics for Today, Chemistry for Today, Biology for Today, Competition Refresher, Science Refresher, Readers Digest, Electronics for You, Current Affairs, Sportstar, India Today, Science Reporter etc.

The English newspapers

Indian Express, Times of India, Economic Times, Employment News, Sakal Times

Marathi Newspapers

Sakal, Maharashtra Times, Loksatta, Pudhari and Lokmat.

User Orientation

This programme is conducted at the beginning of the new academic year for all the students of std. XI to inform them about the library facility and the rules.

Reference service

Reference service is given to the students and staff as per their requirements by using encyclopaedias and other Reference Books.


Students are issued library card which allows them to borrow a book for a week. This includes issue and return of reading material such as books, magazines, periodicals, reference books etc. along with the renewal facility for the same.

Internet Facility

Library has separate computers which can be accessed by students for their project work.

CAS-Current Awareness Service

This includes displaying important information and notification to making students and staff aware of the new arrivals in the library. This also ensures that they are aware of the latest happenings both locally and globally. We request students to check the Library notice Boards regularly.

The library notice boards also serve as a platform for students to display their talents in the form of writing book-reviews, original poems and other creative writing work.

Library Timings: - 11.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m.

A student is permitted to issue one book or magazine at a time against their library card for the duration of one week.
The student is responsible for returning the book on or before the due date.
Book renewal facility is given to students after the due date. Renewal facility depends on the availability of the book and demand for the same book by other students.
Selected reference books are issued only for 4 days and not for the entire week.
The current month’s magazine will not be issued in the same month as it is kept on display. However, previous issues may be issued.
Loss of the Library card should be reported to the librarian immediately. A new library card may be issued upon additional payment.
Students are liable to pay a fine for the late return of an issued book @ Re.1 /- per day.
Students can avail the reading facility by producing the I-card.
Students must take utmost care of the books. In case of any damage, they are liable to pay the damage fee.
In case of loss of book, the entire cost of the book must be paid or the book must be replaced.
The library card is non-transferable.
Students must maintain complete silence and proper decorum in the library.
Use of mobile phones is strictly prohibited.
Eatables are not allowed in the library.
It is mandatory for students to be dressed in proper uniform and carry their I-card.

Can students avail the library facilities in April after their final exams?

Yes, students can borrow books while availing the reading room facility, but books will not be issued outside in the month of April.

Is Library open before 11.30 am and after 5.30pm?

The library is open before 11.30 am only for the senior college students. For the Junior college students, Library will strictly function from 11.30am to 5.30 pm only.

Do students get more than one library card and more than one book at a time?

A student gets only one library card against which he/she may issue only one book at a time.

Are students allowed to sit and read in the library during the college timings?

Yes, students may avail library reading room facility during the college timings only.

What if student misplaces his library card?

A duplicate library card may be issued at additional payment in case of loss of the original one.

Can students borrow old issues of the magazines?

Yes, any old issue of the magazine will be issued for a period of 7 days.

Sports Grounds

Our spacious sports ground with basketball and volley ball courts and an indoor games room encourage sportsmanship, physical fitness, determination and teamwork.


We have a 555-seater auditorium with latest light and sound system which is in college premises. This allows us to conduct a multitude of programs for our students.


The Gymkhana Unit nurtures the talent of our students in the sports field. The college gymnasium has state-of-the-art equipments to facilitate and train our students to participate in various sports activities.