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Project NAVIS

Navigate Inspire Succeed in Space settlement

We at KHS CBSE Secondary School Pune are delighted to announce that KHSG students from Grade 9 have received the 3rd Prize for their project NAVIS – Navigate Inspire Succeed in the Space settlement contest sponsored by National Space Society. 1,619 entries involving 6,862 students from 22 countries – and our students proved that there’s no stopping them!


This contest has been running since 1994 to give school students a chance to think and create a free-floating settlement in outer space. It allows them to be as creative as possible along with imagining the science that goes behind it.


The KHS CBSE Secondary School’s Grade 9 students including Vihang Vidwans, Manas Vichare, Simran Varma, Anvay Sinkar, Parth Sangle, Rugved Ranjanikar, Avaneesh Bapat, Aarya Deshpande, Sudhanwa Rajurkar and Siddhant Pai participated in this competition mentored by Pallavi Iyer (Math & Science teacher) and Paresh Sir ( ATAL Tinkering Lab in-charge). The entire process took around 11 months with many ideas being discussed, reworked, rejected and was finally completed.

They designed all the systems to support life, agriculture, power and energy. The USP of the project was an activity-cum-retreat centre in outer space called Kshana (meaning moment in Sanskrit). The principle behind this is to soak in multisensory experiences and take a moment entirely for yourselves. We designed a 3 -way centre that would offer productive leisure activities through agro-tourism, offer-your-skills workshops and robot- grâm (an interactive, immersive experience to create your own robot buddy). The rejuvenation leisure centre offers the disciplines of yoga, taichi and non-verbal retreats for those who want to experience silence.

The recreational retreat centre offers a broad range of fun activities meant for people with multiple interests and fitness levels ranging from space-walks to hovercraft handball for the more adventurous.
It was an enriching experience and the result was definitely worth the wait!

NSS 2021-22

NSS Space Settlement Contest

The NSS Space Settlement Contest is a global competition conducted by the National Space Society. The aim of the contest is to design a viable, futuristic, fully-functioning free-floating settlement in space. This year there were about 2,646 entries involving 14,359 students from 22 countries. For 25 years this contest was administered by NASA Ames Research Center. This contest is applicable to students from 7th grade to 12th grade in three categories- Individual project, Small group project and Large group project. The grand prize winners were going to get a cash prize.
Ten students , Saanvi Khorate, Vedansh Vaidya, Mugdha Yeola, Shalmali Bapat, Mrunal Modani, Alhad Deodhar, Riya Ubhe, Himanshu Sonawane, Arnav Mundle, Amey Khade from ninth grade, participated in this competition in the Large group category. This was an amazing exposure and an opportunity to learn through practical experience. They designed a free-floating settlement orbiting Ganymede, Jupiter’s largest moon. The name of their project was ‘Exerevno’(Greek word )which means ‘to explore’.

It was going to be a step ahead for humans in terms of exploration of the universe. Children were supposed to think about every detail regarding the settlement, right from the basic life support systems to the kind of government and occupations they’d have to provisions for entertainment in space for the residents. Throughout this process, our school teacher, Mrs. Anjali Gulanikar guided and encouraged these fellow students. Our Principal, Mrs. Pallavi Naik was also a huge support-system.

The team worked on the project for more than a year. The final entry had all aspects of the space settlement presented in great detail and it was reviewed multiple times. It consisted of more than seventy pages. The team had divided themselves in accordance to their capabilities and had collaborated and added the finishing flair in the ultimate stage.
A few months after the submission, the results were announced on their official site. Among so many entries, Exerevno had received an honorable mention in the 2020 results. Our school had made it to the list. It was a proud moment for everyone.

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