Mother Daughter Bonding

Dr. Sonali Talavlikar was invited as a guest speaker. She is a homeopathic physician and has over 25 years of experience in Fitness, wellness, and Lifestyle Management. She is also the brand ambassador for IPLA (International Physical Literacy Association). In addition to it, she is an ambassador for Pinkathon, Pune, an annual women’s race supporting the fight against breast cancer.
She talked about a variety of issues related to physical and emotional changes in girls entering puberty. She also explained menstrual hygiene and management in this interactive program.


On Tuesday, 13th of September 2022, Kaveri Counselling Unit, Ganesh Nagar conducted the annual Mother-Daughter Bonding Program for the 6th standard girls and their mothers. It focused on the physical and emotional development of girls who are entering puberty and their emotional bonding with their mothers. The program also targeted menstrual education and its impact on girls’ physical and emotional health.


During the Program, participants i.e., mothers had the opportunity to understand menstrual hygiene and management which included the knowledge about possible physiological, emotional, and social changes during puberty challenges faced during puberty, Hormonal changes and their impact on girls’ personal, academic, social, and interpersonal areas of life. Dr, Talavlikar also educated the prepubescent girls and mothers on the detailed menstrual cycle. In the last part of the program, she also talked about menstrual hygiene which includes hygiene products and precautions.
Dr. Sonali amazingly educated the mob on the Myths associated with Menstruation as well as on some menstrual disorders like PCOS and PMS.


She talked about the significance and importance of nutrition, sleep cycles, and regular physical exercise. Dr. Sonali highlighted that Menstruation is a normal physiological process in females at their reproductive age. However, it is surrounded by a lot of social taboos and supernatural beliefs. Thus, she mentioned that poor knowledge, misconceptions, and poor understanding of menstruation may lead to unsafe hygienic practice that inturn increases the physical and emotional risks.


Last but not the least, Dr. Talavlikar encouraged the girls to think of their mothers as an ally than villains because the mothers have been of the same age, they have seen similar situations, and challenges, and have experienced prepubescent life during puberty!

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