Principal’s Welcome

Dr. Madhuri Chittewan

Principal, KSJC

Dear Parents and Students,

I welcome you to Pune Science College KSJC website that showcases the varied experiences and opportunities we offer our students to ensure their all-round development.

It is our continuous endeavor to realise our vision ‘to create a joyful learning community, nurturing creativity for a sustainable future’. To fulfill this vision we have designed KSJC college activities around the 4C’s of critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and communication.

Dr. Kalmadi Shamarao Junior College Pune is an innovative institute that provides a range of scholastic programs bringing out the best in the pupils. In our pursuit to achieve academic excellence, our highly qualified and motivated staff plays a pivotal role. Besides making the teaching – learning process more interesting and engaging, they also act as mentors to our students.

At KSJC, the distinctive college infrastructure is a boon for our students who enjoy studying in the spacious classrooms and well-equipped laboratories. The social, emotional and physical security of our students is of utmost significance to us. KSJC pune exclusive Counseling Unit takes care of their socio – emotional needs . 24 x 7 security personnel assure the physical safety of our students on campus

Caring for the different cognitive abilities of our students is another point of our focus. A unique ‘Gifted Program’ caters to the needs of the children with inquisitive minds. On the other hand, our ‘Remedial Teaching Program’ provides the much-needed support to the students struggling in academics.

Initiatives like ‘Kalam Centre’ and ‘Life – schools’ an entrepreneurial enterprise aim to create and implement mission – mode projects enhancing the leadership skills and promoting collaboration and communication in our students.

‘Kalaangan’ offers a cultural platform to our students to showcase their artistic skills and creativity.To nurture empathy and to instill a sense of responsible citizenship our students participate in many activities under the community service project.

Overall, in these two years we strive to give our students experiences and memories which they will cherish for life.

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