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A slide show on butterflies was organized for the staff on the 18th July 2022.


The slides depicted various beautiful butterflies seen in the vicinity of the Sahayadri Ghats.
The show began with a brief about the need to conserve our flora and fauna. There are 1500 species in India and 20%are found only in our country making us a butterfly hotspot in the world.


The Indian butterfly..orangeoakleaf,the blue mormon which is the state butterfly was shown.
Various butterflies were shown with their local and marathi names.


The colour flash due to nano structures was discussed also with biomimicry of the butterfly where the last technology adoption has been in relation to enhancing colours on mobiles using the wing nano technology of the butterflies.


The role of butterflies as aesthetic pleasures,co evolution partners,prey predator relation and as bio indicators was discussed.
Everyone enjoyed the presentation. Yogita madam made a few suggestions like opening this to our students and going on a one day visit to see the beauty of the Western Ghats.


Few written feedbacks were also positive and the 5 point scale feedback ,very encouraging.

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