Important Dates

Mini KG online registration for the AY 2023-24

  • Start date : Thursday, 24th November 2022
  • End date : Wednesday, 30th November 2022
  • Last date for form (hard copy) submission in the school office : Friday, 2nd Dec. 2022
  • Provisional list will be displayed on : Friday, 9th Dec. 2022
  • School visit for parents : Thursday, 15th Dec. 2022
  • Final list will be displayed on Friday, 16th Dec. 2022 at 4:00 pm
  • School fee payment for admission confirmation to be done (Online) from Monday, 19th Dec. 2022 to Wednesday, 21st Dec. 2022.
  • Waiting list parents can contact the school office on Thursday,22ndDec.2022.


Junior KG Admission for the AY 2023-24

Visit the school office for Junior KG admission for the academic year 2023-24 in the first week of Jan. 2023 – From Monday to Friday between  10:00 am to 1:00 pm.
Jr. KG online admission registration form for the academic year 2023-24 will be from Thursday, 5th Jan. 2023.

Criteria for Admission

  • Age Criteria : Children born between 1st October 2019 to 30th September 2020.
  • Child Ordinal : Not more than 2
  • Entire admission Process and Fee payment is online only.
  • Distance between school and residence : Not more than 6 kms.
  • Jr. KG – Age Criteria : Children born between 1st October 2018 to 30th September 2019.

How to Apply:

Admission Procedure : Entire admission Process is online.

Registration  fee and School annual fee has to be paid online only (No cash/cheque



Registration Process:

    1. Parents will have to Register Online on website –
    2. Parents shall fill the form completely and submit it online.
    3. Parent shall pay the application form fee of Rs. 800/- through Net banking, debit card or credit card only.
Payment Options Extra Charges
Credit card
-Visa, Master,
1.20% + GST
Debit card
– Visa, Master, Rupay, Maestro cards
0% for transaction upto Rs 2000
Debit card transactions above Rs.2,000/-: 0.40%+GST


1.50% + GST
0% for transaction upto Rs.2000 & 0.65% for transaction above Rs. 2000

4. After successful payment of registration fee, a receipt will be generated. Parents shall take the print out of the receipt and the application form.

5. Submit both the print outs (Registration fee payment receipt and application form)along with address proof & photocopy of the birth certificate in the school office on working days (Monday to Friday) between 10:00 am to 1:00 pm and receive the acknowledgement on parent’s copy of the receipt.

Admission Procedure

    1. Random Selection Process
    2. School office shall publish provisional list of short listed candidates (List No.1) on portal along with the schedule for school visit.
    3. Both parents along with their child will have to come for school visit on scheduled date and time.If Pandemic situation continues, online interaction with the parents will be held and the details for the same will be shared along with the Provisional list.
    4. After school visit/online interaction, final list of short listed candidates (List No.2) will be displayed. The parents whose names are in the final list will have to confirm their admission by paying 1st term fee through net banking, debit card or credit card only (no cash or cheque payments) within the specified time.
Payment Options Extra Charges
Credit card
-Visa, Master,
1.20% + GST
Debit card
– Visa, Master, Rupay, Maestro cards
0% for transaction upto Rs 2000

Debit card transactions above Rs.2,000/-: 0.40%+GST



1.50% + GST
0% for transaction upto Rs.2000 & 0.65% for transaction above Rs. 2000

For Net Banking Rs. 20/- + 18% GST per transaction
5. After the successful fee payment take a print out of the receipt generated and submit it along with the original Birth Certificate in the school office on working days (Monday to Friday) between 10:00am to 1:00 pm and receive the acknowledgement on parent’s copy of the receipt.
6. The admission procedure will be completed only after submitting the receipt and original Birth Certificate.
7. Once the admission procedure is complete, the school office will display the shift allotment list on the portal.

Please enquire with the school office regarding Refund Policy before paying fees and confirming your admission.

School Fees

School annual fee must be paid online only.

For New Pre School Admissions (Mini kg, Junior kg and Senior kg)

1) First term (June to November) fee has to be paid at the time of admission.
2) Second term (December to May) - To be paid in December.

For Junior KG and Senior KG regular students

1) First term (From June to November) to be paid in May.
2) Second term (From December to May) to be paid in December.

Fees will have to be paid within the period specified by the school.

**The school reserves the right to make changes in the fee payment procedure.

Our school works in 2 shifts:

Morning shift – 8.00 a.m. to 11.30 am

Afternoon shift – 12.30 p.m. to 4.00 pm

The pattern for the uniform is the same for all classes for both boys and girls:

Chequered shirt, shorts, blue Velcro shoes and white socks

Maroon Sweaters or Sweatshirts in colder weather.


There is a colour variation to differentiate between the classes:

Mini KG – Pink

Junior KG – Yellow

Senior KG – Blue

We provide nutritious food everyday.




Monday Upma
Tuesday Sandwich
Wednesday Idli Chutney
Thursday Tikhat Meethachi Puri
Friday Dal Rice



14th June Tuesday Sheera
15th June Wednesday Idli Chutney
16th June Thursday Methi Paratha
17th June Friday Upma
20th June Monday Dal Rice
21st June Tuesday Poli Batata bhaji
22nd June Wednesday Dosa-Chutney
23rd June Thursday Pulaav Saar
24th June Friday Pav Bhaji
27th June Monday Pohe
28th June Tuesday Poli-Pumpkin Bhaji
29th June Wednesday Kadi Khichadi
30th June Thursday Holiday



1st July Friday Pineapple Sheera
4th July Monday Pohe
5th July Tuesday Poli-Green Moong Usal
6th July Wednesday Dosa-Chutney
7th July Thursday Kadi Khichadi
8th July Friday Sandwich
11th July Monday Upma
12th July Tuesday Methi Paratha
13th July Wednesday Tikhat Mithachi Puri
14th July Thursday Pulav Saar
15th July Friday Poli-Batata Bhaji
18th July Monday Dal-Rice
19th July Tuesday Poli-Pumpkin Bhaji
20th July Wednesday Idli Sambar
21st July Thursday Lemon Rice
22nd July Friday Pav Bhaji
25th July Monday Upma
26th July Tuesday Palak Paratha
27th July Wednesday Veg Biryani
28th July Thursday Pohe
29th July Friday Holiday



1st August Monday Sheera
2nd August Tuesday Poli-Mataki Usal
3rd August Wednesday Uttappa Sambar
4th August Thursday Dal Rice
5th August Friday Palak Paratha
8th August Monday Upma
9th August Tuesday Poli-Batata Bhaji
10th August Wednesday Pohe-Naral Burfi
11th August Thursday Holiday(Rakshabandhan)
12th August Friday Idli Chutney
15th August Monday Holiday
16th August Tuesday Poli- Chavli Usal
17th August Wednesday Sandwich
18th August Thursday Pulav Saar
19th August Friday Holiday(Janmashtmi)
22nd August Monday Pohe
23rd August Tuesday Tikat Mithachi Puri
24th August Wednesday Veg Biryani
25th August Thursday Poli-Pumpkin Bhaji
26th August Friday Methi Paratha
29th August Monday Upma
30th August Tuesday Lemon Rice
31st August Wednesday Holiday(Ganesh Chaturthi)



1st September Thursday Idli Sambar
2nd September Friday Methi Paratha
5th September Monday Poli- Green Moong Usal
6th September Tuesday Holiday
7th September Wednesday Upma
8th September Thursday Pulav- Saar
9th September Friday Holiday(Anant Chaturdashi)
12th September Monday Pohe
13th September Tuesday Kadhi Khichadi
14th September Wednesday Pav Bhaji
15th September Thursday Poli- Batata Bhaji
16th September Friday Lemon Rice
19th September Monday Poli-Pumpkin Bhaji
20th September Tuesday Dal-Rice
21st September Wednesday Dosa-Chutney
22nd September Thursday Palak Paratha
23rd September Friday Upma
26th September Monday Veg Biryani
27th September Tuesday Tikhat Mithachi Puri
28th September Wednesday Sandwich
29th September Thursday Pohe
30th September Friday Holiday(Month End Staff Meeting)


Subject to Change



3rd October Monday Upma
4th October Tuesday Chole Puri
5th October Wednesday Dussehra Holiday
6th October Thursday Pulav- Saar
7th October Friday Pav Bhaji
10th October Monday Kadhi Khichadi
11th October Tuesday Poli- Batata Bhaji
12th October Wednesday Idli-Chutney
13th October Thursday Dal-Rice
14th October Friday Palak Paratha
17th October Monday Pohe
18th October Tuesday Poli Mataki Usal
19th October Wednesday Sandwich
20th October Thursday Lemon Rice
21st October Friday Diwali Party


Subject to Change



9th November Wednesday Upma
10th November Thursday Poli-Pumpkin Bhaji
11th November Friday Kadhi-Khichadi
14th November Monday Sandwich
15th November Tuesday Pulav Saar
16th November Wednesday Uttappa Sambar
17th November Thursday Dal Rice
18th November Friday Tikhat Meethachi Puri
21st November Monday Pohe
22nd November Tuesday Poli Chavali Usal
23rd November Wednesday Methi Paratha
24th November Thursday Lemon Rice
25th November Friday Pav Bhaji
28th November Monday Veg Biryani
29th November Tuesday Idli Chutney
30th November Wednesday Holiday-Staff Meeting


Subject to Change



1st December Thursday Upma
2nd December Friday Kadhi-Khichadi
5th December Monday Poli-Mataki Usal
6th December Tuesday Pohe
7th December Wednesday Idli Sambar
8th December Thursday Lemon Rice
9th December Friday Sandwich
12th December Monday Pulaav Saar
13th December Tuesday Holiday
14th December Wednesday Poli-Batata Bhaji
15th December Thursday Dal Rice
16th December Friday Methi Paratha
19th December Monday Pav Bhaji
20th December Tuesday Upma
21st December Wednesday Dosa Chutney
22nd December Thursday Veg Biryani
23rd December Friday Christmas Party


Subject to Change




2nd January Monday Upma
3rd January Tuesday Poli-Mataki Usal
4th January Wednesday Idli Sambar
5th January Thursday Dal-Rice
6th January Friday Sandwich
9th January Monday Tikhat Mithachi Puri
10th January Tuesday Lemon Rice
11th January Wednesday Pohe
12th January Thursday Kadhi Khichadi
13th January Friday Poli- Mix Veg Tilgul Wadi
16th January Monday Pav Bhaji
17th January Tuesday Pulav Saar
18th January Wednesday Dosa Chutney
19th January Thursday Methi Paratha
20th January Friday Upma
23rd January Monday Pohe
24th January Tuesday Chole Puri
25th January Wednesday Veg Biryani
26th January Thursday Holiday
27th January Friday Poli- Batata Bhaji
30th January Monday Poli – Pumpkin Bhaji
31st January Tuesday Uttappa Sambar


Subject to Change




1st February Wednesday Methi Paratha
2nd February Thursday Dal-Rice
3rd February Friday Upma
6th February Monday Poli – Pumpkin Bhaji
7th February Tuesday Kadhi Khichadi
8th February Wednesday Idli Sambar
9th February Thursday Poli-Chavali Usal
10th February Friday Pohe
13th February Monday Pav Bhaji
14th February Tuesday Tikhat Meethachi Puri
15th February Wednesday Pulav Saar
16th February Thursday Upma
17th February Friday Poli- Batata Bhaji
20th February Monday Veg Biryani
21st February Tuesday Poli-Mataki Usal
22nd February Wednesday Dosa Chutney
23rd February Thursday Lemon Rice
24th February Friday Poli- Mix Veg
27th February Monday Pohe
28th February Tuesday Holiday


Subject to Change

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