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Principal of KHS Pre Primary, Mrs. Shilpa Kher

Mrs. Shilpa Kher


Starting preschool is a milestone in your child’s life. Your child is embarking on a journey that will lead him / her to many paths of discovery and learning. Brain development is highest during these first six years of life. It is important to provide an environment rich in experiences that enable the children to explore, experiment and make discoveries for themselves. At KHS Pre Primary, we make this possible through various activities, books, stories, poems, drama, puppet shows, field trips, toys etc.

We help children develop intellectually, emotionally, socially and physically in preparation for formal schooling with our project method. By the time your child completes pre primary, he/she will develop a sound base of academic fundamentals and will become more organized and independent.

We at KHS Pre Primary School have a wonderful group of teachers and support staff. We realize that teaching requires an enormous amount of enthusiasm, commitment and patience. We CHOOSE to put our children’s interest above all. We CHOOSE to be creative, innovative and accept that children have different learning styles. We CHOOSE to create an environment which is warm and nurturing.

We also have a Day Care Centre in our campus which can take care of your child if you need it.

We look forward to meeting you.

Our Learning Centers

We have developed ‘Learning Centers,’ as an attempt to develop each child’s social, emotional, physical, cognitive, and aesthetic abilities. Each center is constructed to encompass numerous objectives, focusing on student autonomy and learning style by giving each student an opportunity to explore his learning environment hands-on in a developmentally appropriate area. Children use different media to reinforce what has been learnt in the classroom. Teachers act as facilitators, providing materials and guidance, as well as planning discussions, activities, demonstrations, and reviews.

At the pre primary level, teachers have an immense impact on the way that children perceive the world. This is because they are responsible for passing on knowledge as well as values that are the building blocks of your child’s education. Our teachers take effort to juggle the roles of friend, mentor and care takers at KHS Pre Primary School.

We are proud to introduce our khs pre primary school team of dedicated, qualified and enthusiastic educators who shoulder this great power and responsibility with joy and pride.


  • Shilpa Kher

Mini KG Teachers

  • Sapanna Patail
  • Sunita Bali
  • Sonal Mokashi
  • Deepti Patwardhan
  • Ashwini Mhaske
  • Sneha Rege
  • Manasi Chaware
  • Deepali Dhekale
  • Renuka Ganeshwadi
  • Anagha Kaduskar
  • Vaishali Kulkarni
  • Anjali Moghe

Jr. KG Teachers

  • Tejashri Jawale
  • Sharayu Sewalkar
  • Mrunalini Tare
  • Pallavi Namal
  • Teja Bhave
  • Mrinal Bhosekar
  • Sharvari Pandkar
  • Bhargavi Shroff
  • Rashmi Jamenis
  • Swati Karambelkar
  • Jamila Joshi
  • Sonali Murdaya

Sr. KG Teachers

  • Pooja Poojari
  • Manasi Kulkarni
  • Smita Salvi
  • Vasanti Pimplapure
  • Manasi Pendharkar
  • Aabha Athavale
  • Ashwini Agashe
  • Sonali Jain
  • Preeti Bhandari
  • Sneha Kulkarni
  • Rakshita Bhat
  • Snehal Vaidya

Art Teacher

  • Radhika Dhage


  • Samruddhi Karnik
  • Radha Bhave

Office Staff

  • Kanaka Durga
  • Jyoti Chitari
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