Learning Centers


Art Studio

A colourful and well-resourced room to encourage your little ones to develop their imagination and creativity. Young minds learn to work in groups, as they undertake an art/craft project or play games. This enhances their ability to express themselves and make decisions.

Doll House

The Doll House encourages imaginative play. Young learners are free to play make-believe and get creative as they imitate adults. They learn organization and concentration skills as they mimic actions like cooking, cleaning, organizing, teaching, taking care of dolls and returning from the office. They also learn to get along with other children and share toys.

Balls Corner

This corner contains a large number of balls in a variety of colours that enthral our young ones. Toddlers jump and swim through the colourful globes. This develops their balance and other gross motor skills. They learn to overcome the fear of the unknown as well as of falling and getting hurt. The play time here becomes a fond memory.

Audio Visual Centre

Your young ones will enjoy putting up little shows with teachers. They will also participate in music and movement with the group, watch puppet shows and educational films in our well quipped audio-visual centre.


Train shaped cupboards, wheel shaped tables, brightly coloured cushions and well-chosen books make this room a fun place to visit. Your young genius will listen to engrossing stories narrated by our teachers while sitting or lying down on pillows and looking at a favourite book. This will instill a culture of reading in your child. The enriching books help in language development and communication skills.

Counselling Unit

Our trained counsellor is always there to guide you in parenting and to help your child to adjust to their new surroundings. Our counsellor observes the students in the classroom and discusses it with the teachers and parents. She plans appropriate therapy sessions based on these discussions. She also provides early guidance to identify and assist children with special needs.

Play Areas

The entire ground-floor area contains state of the art play equipment to enhance each child’s gross motor skills, where they learn team work and co-operative play. Mini Tennis is taken by sports professionals in our stilts. Children dig holes, build castles and make patterns with the different sand toys while exploring textures.

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