We KHS Kannada Medium follow the SSC syllabus.

Std IX and X students study Kannada as first language, Hindi- Marathi composite as second and English as a third language. They study Algebra, Geometry, Science and Technology, History and Political Science, Geography as main subjects and in addition to these they also have Health and Physical Education, Road Safety Patrol, Self development and Kalarasaswad.

We believe in all round development and want our students to blossom into sensitive, confident, and socially responsible individuals. Along with academics, we encourage our young students to explore their talents and interests in various other spheres of life.

Co-curricular of KHS Kannada Medium

We offer drawing and physical training as co-curricular activities from std. VIII to X. In Std. IX and X, we offer Personality Development, Road safety patrol and self development and Kalarasaswad as additional co-curricular activities.


Students also participate in elocution, music and drawing competitions, which build their confidence and give them more exposure. This also helps them develop a healthy competitive spirit.

Observational Learning

We also arrange industrial visits and training sessions for students to encourage experiential learning. Under this activity we take them to industrial training centers like Mitcon. For one such visit, Std. VIII students were taken to ‘Indradhanush’ to see an environment conservation project.

Extracurricular activities

Students also choose an activity of their choice as an ‘extracurricular activity.’ We offer Taekwondo, Mallakhambh, Yoga, Music and Drawing. Dance, tabala, spoken English, Vedic maths and general knowledge are also included. This platform allows students to master a skill which they may not be able to afford to learn outside the school and helps them overcome self-esteem issues.


Our KHSK counselling unit organizes various activities to build confidence, inculcate critical thinking and decision-making skills in our students. They also learn to manage their attitude and emotion and thus have an assertive and positive attitude towards life. We also provide guidance for choosing careers and setting goals.

The KHSK School works from Monday to Saturday.

Day of the week Timings
Monday to Thursday 11.30 a.m. to 4.55 p.m.
Friday 11.30 a.m. to 4.45 p.m.
Saturday 8:00 a.m. to 1:15 p.m.

Parents can meet class/subject teachers as well the Principal of KHSK on all days even without an appointment.

We assess the progress of our students from Std VIII throughout the year through a Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) process.

CCE helps us assess all the aspects of a student’s development, including academic and co-curricular abilities, life skills, attitude and behaviour in a stress-free manner. It includes assessment of the child’s knowledge, understanding as well as the ability to apply, analyse, evaluate and be creative. This is done through summative and formative assessments.

Formative Assessment

This is integrated into the teaching-learning process and assessment occurs on the basis of the student’s participation in projects and classroom activities.

Summative Assessment

This consists of two unit tests, terminal exams and annual exams which the school conducts internally. For Std. IX and X, students are evaluated on the basis of two unit tests, terminal exams and annual exams. In case of Std. X, this annual exam will be the SSC board exam. We conduct prelims to prepare your child for the board exams. The Prelims help your child understand his or her strengths and weaknesses. Prelims also let our children know which areas to focus on so that they can give their best performance in the board exam.

We add energy and colour to the academic experience and ensure that our students get plenty of opportunities for enjoyment and relaxation during our events.

We conduct felicitations, environmental, cultural and annual events and festival celebrations to both inform our students as well as to create an atmosphere of positivity. We celebrate Indian festivals such as Gurupournima, Ganapati Festival and Makar Sankranti. We also celebrate Teachers Day. We celebrate Tilak Punyatithi by conducting an elocution competition every year. This is an event that helps our children develop their oratory skills.

We also take students on excursions, which are fun filled learning opportunities that facilitate experiential learning. Students have been taken to various places such as Kanyakumari, Matheran, Sajjangad, Bijapur, Banashankari, Koodalasangam, Harihareshwar, etc. These excursions inculcate important values in our students like caring, sharing, unity and responsibility.

We also conduct Medical Check Ups for our students as preventive measures. Work shops are conducted for students on personal hygiene and the birds and the bees education /the facts of life The members of Vivekanand Kendra conduct weekly value education classes for std 8th Students attend work shops on drug addiction and healthy life.

Cleanliness drives are conducted to create awareness of waste segregation.

House Teams


Houses are given points based on performances of individual students belonging to a particular house as well as for performance in interclass and interschool events, group performances and discipline. We hold elections annually in the month of June. Our students select Captains and Vice Captains for their houses as well as the Head Boy and Head Girl. Captains, Head Boy and Head Girl are selected from Std. X and Vice Captains, Vice Head Boy and Vice Head Girl are selected from Std. IX. This process prepares our children to take responsibility for their choices as well as instils in them the importance of voting in a democratic country like India. The House captains and the Head Boy and Girl all take an oath to carry out their duties and responsibilities with excellence and receive their badges during the Investiture Ceremony.

This solemn occasion makes our students aware of the commitment leaders have to make towards

their responsibility.

their accountability.

Alumni Registration Form


    Welcome back to KHS/HVS: (Karnataka High School Hiriya Vidyarthigala Sangha)!

    We feel a lot of pride and satisfaction when we learn how far you have come in your lives. Your decision to stay connected with us in whatever manner is priceless and will indeed make a difference. We heartily welcome you to share the knowledge and experience you have gained with your juniors. Your journey will inspire and guide our present students for their own travels ahead.

    Rotary club initiative:  Our ex students have joined the Urja community Rotaract club.  These students are actively participating in social and community service activities.  They have distributed compass boxes to needy students of our school.  They have done cleanliness work after Ganesh Visarjan.  They have also visited Matoshree Vriddashram as a part of their activity.  They are actively involved in tree plantation work on Hanuman Tekdi .

    Blood donation:  It was an initiative by KHSHVS along with Rotaract Urja, Pune on 10th Dec.2017 where our past students along with their friends had a blood donation and clothes donation drive.  It was a successful event as 85 donors came forward to help the needy by donating their blood.  They had also planned a cloth collection drive in order to help the less privileged sector of the society.