About KHSK

Welcome to Dr. Kalmadi Shamarao High School, Secondary Section Kannada Medium. We are a government aided school and are working since 1963 to provide high school education to the children of poor migrant Kannadigas residing in Pune.

We know that high school is the foundation for higher education, choice of career and goal setting and so we constantly endeavour to provide our students with the best education. Our main goal is to prepare them to make the most of the opportunities available around them and to lead better lives.

We aim at all round development and provide our students with opportunities to develop specific skills which they cannot afford outside school along with guidance and care. We pay special attention to building confidence, ensuring emotional stability, inculcating self-discipline, a sense of responsibility and self-reliance. Students are taken on excursions, field visits, they participate in interschool competitions and are at par with other children of their age.

Our caring and secure environment makes our students feel comfortable and confident and distinguishes us from other schools. We inculcate values like compassion, self-discipline, honesty, respect for others, service and courage in our students. Our students carry these values with them beyond the portals of our school.

Today students passing out from our school are well settled in life. Some are even working with multinational companies and own businesses. I am thankful to our donors and supporters, without whom this would not have been possible and look forward to their continued support. I am proud of each and every student of mine.

Principal KHSK

“We believe that every child has a right to a good education. We work with 217 boys and girls coming from poor migrant families of Kannadigas residing in Pune. It is our dream to make life beautiful for these children and open doors for them for a better future.”

Mr. Chandrakant Harkude,
Principal, KHS Kannada Medium

Our school was Founded in 1963 as Karnatak High School. It was a labour of love and dedication that was started overnight in a rented premise by the Kannada Sangha, to help the poor migrant community from Karnataka when the only Kannada Medium School in Pune at that time was being closed.

Our school commemorates Kannada Sangha’s first step in the realm of education: A step which evolved into ‘Kaveri Group of Institutes’ – a prestigious name in education in Pune.

Today, as a part of the ‘Kaveri Group of Institutes,’ we strive to serve children of the poor migrant Kannadigas in Pune and are deeply committed to the cause for which the Kannada Sangha first entered the realm of education.


Teachers play an influential role in the lives of our young children as role models. Here, at KHS Kannada medium, our teachers are also mentors who open the windows of possibility to make our students aware of the multiple opportunities that their futures hold for them.

Our dedicated and hardworking staff balance the many roles of guide, facilitator, friend and counsellor for our students. They are always willing and capable of helping students resolve problems which they encounter during their studies. They not only help students in academics but also build self-discipline and confidence in them.

Our teachers attend workshops and seminars throughout the year to constantly upgrade their teaching skills and methods. At the beginning of every academic year and in between, regular discussions to improve teaching methods and to make learning an enjoyable process take place.

We also plan teaching methods at the beginning of every year. Power point presentations, projects, describing real incidents and including current events in the teaching topics are some of the teaching methods we use so that we can make learning interesting and fun.

We are aware that teachers have the power to change lives and so take great effort to ensure that our teachers are always prepared to face challenges and guide our students in the right direction.

We are proud of all our staff.

Every year we elect a PTA. The PTA forms a vital link between parents and the school. Here are the PTA Members for 2018 – 2019.

President Shri. C.M. Harkude
Vice-President Mrs. Akkubai Laxman Jadipet
Secretary Mrs. Usha More
Jnt. Secretary Shri Prabhu Chavan
Mrs. Kasturi Babu Waddar
VIII Class : Mrs. Usha More (Class Teacher)
1. Mrs. Sarika Kalkutagi
2. Mrs. Shailaja Dhanagar
IX Class : Mrs. Shreya Habbu (Class Teacher)
1. Shri. Prabhakar Kalshetty
2. Mrs. Navitha Pujari
X Class : Mr. T.V. Sadanand (Class Teacher)
1. Shri. Shekhar Kattimani
2. Mrs.Shakuntala Rathod