Student Life

KHS High School Baner - Aundh (pre-primary, primary, secondary) follows the NCERT syllabus.

KHS Primary School Baner, Pune – Std I to V

For Primary School Evaluations, we conduct Periodic Tests combined with Subject Enhancement Activities. Regular notebook corrections, effective assemblies, thematic teaching, are some of our key features for Primary School section.

KHS Secondary School Baner,Pune - Std VI to IX

We conduct two periodic tests per term and one term end exam (Terminal and Final) at the end of each term. SEA activities are conducted before every evaluation and students are also marked for notebooks (written work).

We contribute to the 360˚growth of our children and add energy and excitement into education. Education does not just end with books and subjects but begins there! There are continents of possibility to explore and we are set to be a part of the exciting journey of helping your child recognize and enhance their talents and skills in various aspects.

Enhanced Learning Programme

The “Enhanced Learning Programme” offered by the school twice a week encourages our children to select an activity of their interest from Indian classical and instrumental music, yoga, speech and drama, skating, football, and hockey. All activities are conducted under the guidance of special, expert coaches.

The word 'House' refers to a grouping of students, and our school has 4 houses, and every student is allotted a particular house at the time of admission. The House system brings about a sense of belongingness, students work together as a team towards a particular goal. They are able to show talents and perform to their fullest potential and in a healthy competitive spirit. One notable feature of the House System specially at the middle and senior level is, the nominations and elections of the house prefects.

Investiture Ceremony

Motto for each house

Agni House Truth is the highest religion
Surya House Fortune rests on courage
Prithwi House Knowledge is adorned by modesty
Varun House Unity is strength

They are assigned four different colours - red, green, yellow and blue respectively. Each house represents a different quality that we hope to inculcate in all our students.

This system encourages team spirit and ensures a healthy competitive spirit between different houses.

Teachers are allocated different houses as house mentors. They provide guidance and promote wholesome growth.

The head boy and the head girl are nominated from Std. IX, by the faculty members of our school.