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KHS Pre-Primary School Baner - Mini KG, Junior KG and Senior KG

The steps your child takes in pre-primary school are small yet crucial towards growing up as an independent and competent individual. The tiny tots will feel right at home in our colourful and dynamic classrooms.


Baner khs pre primary school teachers play the demanding and rewarding roles of mentor, guides and friends in school with great enthusiasm, energy, creativity and love. We nurture our young ones in arts, crafts, music, stories, games, sports, cooking activities to pick up life skills in a fun manner.


Children enjoy the sumptuous and nutritious snack times learning healthy eating habits.


We add colour, music and freshness to the child’s schooling experience through class picnics, festival celebrations, family activities such as the ‘Family Theme Dressing’, ‘Nutrafest’ – fun pre primary activities for parents and children, annual events and parties.


We are confident that by the time your children complete pre-primary with us they will be more organized, disciplined, independent and ready to enter formal education.

Pre primary

KHS Primary School Baner – Std I to V

We offer a nurturing and intellectually charged environment for your child to develop into a confident, happy individual who upholds values.


Active Participation in various activities and events create a strong conceptual base for your child and at the same time inculcate a healthy competitive spirit and instil confidence in your child.


Primary School emphasize on an all-round development of our children and offer a rich balance of academic, co-curricular and extracurricular activities for the same.


Your children enter higher education with a strong academic foundation, having learnt skills in socialization, interpersonal relations, communication, team work and leadership.

Primary Section

KHS Secondary School Baner – Std VI onwards

The perfect combination of academic, co-curricular and extracurricular activities for holistic development continues through experiential learning. Our young minds learn the practical application of theoretical concepts through trial and error. We guide secondary school students in identifying their strengths and weaknesses teach them how to best utilize their potential to their advantage.


We help our students understand the importance of self-confidence, self-discipline and the tenets of team work. These basic yet essential skills are instilled in our children in a manner that enables them to progress in the rapidly demanding, technology driven world.


We also help our future leaders to take responsibility, develop an understanding for social issues and develop communication, interpersonal and leadership skills.


Our students enter the world outside the school as skilled, socially sensitive and empathic individuals who are ready to take up new challenges, pursue higher education and live a balanced life.

Secondary Section