Pre-primary: The first steps

Our Pre-Primary Section comprises of Mini KG, Junior KG and Senior KG. We are there to hold your child as they learn to take their first bold steps into the new world outside their home. We strive to make this learning journey exciting and fun.

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Primary: The foundation stone

Primary school spans standard I to V. It establishes a base for how children understand their own abilities, perceive each other and the world around. This impacts the way they think, feel and react.

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Secondary: Building our future

Secondary school spans standard VI to X. It is the entry point of higher education and an important milestone in the development of your child’s future. Our students prepare themselves to take up new challenges, pursue higher education and live a balanced life.

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Pre Primary-List of students for School Visit for the year 2020-21

``KHS Aundh was founded to be distinctive and different and we believe it has remained faithful to that vision. It is a remarkable school, but is also exploratory; as it wants to encourage a sense of intellectual curiosity and it wants to take people into the world feeling confident and believing that they can make a difference for the better.``

Mrs. Lakshmi Gandhi




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