We offer a variety of programmes that are specially designed to help your child, you and the teachers to understand how to best boost your gifted child’s talent.

For Children

The Gifted Nurturing Program acts like a catalyst that helps each gifted child explore the possibilities that lie beyond the realm of what they know about their abilities. The focus of our program is to introduce gifted children to thinking skills and life skills that are essential for holistic development.

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For Parents

Parents are the child's first advocate and your closeness and constant interaction with your child means that you might be the first to recognize potential or a specific talent in your child. KGEC has created Parent Support Groups (PSG) for families of gifted children.

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For Teachers

Kaveri Gifted Education and Research Center offers professional development courses for teachers to help them identify gifted children in their classroom, become sensitive to their needs in the classroom and to facilitate differentiated activities to meet their potential.

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For School

We strive to empower schools to design and implement their own gifted programs which aims to revolutionize education methods in India. After extensive research and implementation, we have devised a model which we wish to share with other schools.

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