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We at Kaveri Gifted Education and Research Center firmly believe that gifted children have the potential and capacity to become leaders and change makers as they demonstrate high capability in intellectual, creative, artistic areas, leadership , or in specific academic fields. We opt for the development of an inclusive model of gifted education, where the needs of the gifted are addressed in a regular school system without isolating or mystifying the gifted child. Our model is based on Panchakosha model (from Taittarya Upanishad) which works well especially with the gifted population encompassing all levels for enabling their potential.


We offer a variety of programs that are specially designed to help your child, you and the teachers to understand how to best boost your gifted child’s talent.

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We plan and run internal and external projects along with our programs and courses to ensure the current as well as the future needs of the program audience is catered to.

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As a teacher, counsellor or parent keen on understanding the needs of a gifted child you would be a perfect fit for our basic and advanced courses in gifted education.

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Awarded a recognition as

Associated European Talent Point in 2020.

Our Gifted Child Nurturing Program

Our Gifted Child Nurturing program aims to empower gifted children to reach their full potential.

Basic Course In Gifted Education

This course aims to bring about an understanding of the unique needs of gifted children.

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Advanced Course in Gifted Education

This course aims to deepen the insight into the needs of gifted children and the teaching methods that fulfil these needs.

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