Projects for Gifted Children


“Implementing differentiated learning activities for the gifted”

Gifted children have different needs and learning styles that need to be addressed specially and there are only a few schools in India that cater to these needs. However, these schools are specialized schools and do not bridge the gap between the gifted and the non-gifted. We firmly believe that inclusive education is necessary to ensure that gifted children do not miss out on opportunities to improve their talents. We are dedicated to this goal and we are currently working to develop a model that efficiently integrates gifted education into mainstream schools.  Our current project aims to develop differentiated activities in English, Math and Science that can be used in a mixed ability classroom to meet the learning needs of all children while also ensuring that gifted children are encouraged to challenge their abilities.

This project has three objectives:

1. To develop pre-assessments to identify gifted children in specific subject areas.
2. To design different activities that challenge the children to use their High Order Thinking Skills.
3. To evaluate the effectiveness of the activities designed for gifted children in a mixed ability classroom.


The designed activities for Math and Science have been pilot tested in Std 5 mixed ability classrooms in a CBSC board KGI (Kaveri Group of Institutes) school. A research study is underway to assess the impact of differentiated Math activities on high ability students. A Teacher's Handbook and Student Workbook are in the publication stage. This can be made available to other schools so that learning needs of children with high ability in Math and Science are addressed in the mixed ability classroom.

We firmly believe that children who have advanced abilities and intelligence should not be held back from reaching their full potential by any obstacle. In the case of children from economically underprivileged backgrounds there is a lack of both monetary resources and guidance. We strive to nurture our children by providing emotional support, encouragement and learning resources for them.

Our goal is to empower them to seek better opportunities and build a brighter future for themselves.

The primary objectives of this program are:

1. To help gifted children develop a strong, positive self-image.
2. To enable children to be assertive and confident.
3. To guide children to recognize their potential.
4. To help gifted children develop effective learning skills.
5. To motivate children to work for the greater cause of benefiting society.


Since 2016, KGEC has been able to initiate the Underprivileged Gifted Program with help of donors like ZF Steering Gear (India) Ltd.
This year screening was conducted in Dr. Kalmadi Shamarao High School-Kannada Medium Section and Erandwane Madhyamik Vidyalay (this school was chosen on proximity basis). All students were from Std VIII. A total of 13 students (10 boys and 3 girls) participated in the nurturing program. Activities aimed at creating awareness about hidden talents and potential, promote divergent thinking, improve observational skills and create emotional awareness among the gifted. The program included 14 hours of workshop time in addition to one day tour. The tour gave an opportunity to the children to interact with those from diverse backgrounds as well persons with disability. The objective of the tour was to challenge one’s physical abilities through rock climbing and to challenge one’s self-limiting beliefs through exercises in goal setting. This year one session was conducted by Tribal Mensa team, an NGO working with Tribal and disadvantaged gifted children. They donated a set of 4 workbooks for each child and discussed how to use of the books creatively as well as highlighted gifted characteristics.
A profile was created for each student through informal interviews to assess their strengths, interests, talent areas as well as financial conditions to ascertain need for financial assistance and provide the same.

Project 1

Research has been undertaken to assess the impact of the professional development course in gifted education which was conducted for over 100 in-service teachers and counselors of Kaveri Group of Institutes. Data was collected before and after the course as well as with a gap of 6 month to 2 years. The results suggest that there has been positive significant effect of the course on teacher’s awareness, sensitivity and effectiveness to work with gifted children.

Project 2

The second research project is being conducted to understand the needs and challenges of gifted children. This is a qualitative study using varied methods for data collection like interviews with children and parents, observations and questionnaires throughout the year. The results of this study will help to understand the needs of gifted children in the Indian context. This empirical evidence will further help KGEC to crystallize the design of the nurturing program. This will be followed with an evaluation study to measure effectiveness of the program to nurture gifted children.

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