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Gifted Nurturing Programme for Junior college students

The Gifted Mentoring program at KSJC since 2013.
The structure of the program has evolved since last year when the objectives were set for the students and mentoring the students on the basis of these objectives was initiated.


Gifted Testing and Identification
Gifted Testing and Identification is done by Kaveri Gifted Education and Research Centre (KGERC) every year for 11th graders.

Objectives of Gifted Nurturing Programme: 2019-20

To help build Vision for self both in self and for the career.

To help students develop Skills in studies and expression.

To focus and work on their Emotional Needs

Junior college Team of Gifted Educators

All the below teachers have completed both basic and advance training in Gifted Education and currently are working additionally with gifted students of junior college.

Dr. Madhuri Chittewan

Dr. Madhuri Chittewan is the Principal of Dr. Kalmadi Shamarao Jr. College, she has her doctoral degree in Physical Chemistry. She has been in the field of education for last 15 years. She is also the recipient of the Fulbright Distinguished Award in Teaching Program for International Teachers (ILEP), she was a fellow at the Arizona State University, Arizona, USA. A University rank holder in B.Ed, Dr. Chittewan has to her credit, certificate in Advance Course in gifted education from Mensa India, Pune making her the one of the few Heads of Institution who has understanding of gifted students as well making her approach towards her institution holistic and shares her passion for advanced curriculum for students. She ensures that the higher ability students have a wider exposure and care during their two years at the college. She has several paper presentations and publications to her credit in many International, National conferences and journals respectively.

Ms. Shweta Karandikar

Ms. Shweta Karandikar- In Charge for Gifted Programs for Junior college: A German lecturer for the last 9 years. Has completed the basic and advance course in Gifted Education. Being a multilinguistic, proficient in Marathi, English and German, she is able to reach out to students from all streams. Since last year she has been actively involved in the gifted nurturing.

Ms. Pradhan Smita

Ms. Pradhan Smita- Gifted counselor for junior college, has been working for the past 10 yrs. She has completed her advanced course in gifted counseling. She is empathetic and sensitive towards each students' needs. She is one of the core team members who is involved in planning and execution of the Gifted Nurturing Program

Ms. Ashwini Sarpotdar

Ms. Ashwini Sarpotdar- Ms. Ashwini Sarpotdar has been working as a librarian for last 4 years in Junior college and had worked for 9 years in KHS secondary and has been in the field of librarianship for more than 23 years. She has worked with KGERC team for 3 years putting their library together and assisting in several teachers training program. She has been in the a core member of gifted team from past 3 years involved in planning and execution of gifted nurturing programmes.

Sunetra Dhokarikar

Sunetra Dhokarikar- A Physics teacher having experience of 10 years. Being an environment enthusiast, expert in Physics she can correlate facts of science with day to day life very well. This in turn, increases her student outreach. She is actively engaging students in exploring physics from different perspective challenging the gifted student.

Devika Deshpande

Devika Deshpande- Teaches Environment Education and Geography for the last 9 years. Has completed the Basic course in Gifted Education. She is a voracious reader and likes use interdisciplinary subjects while engaging students. She is student friendly and approachable.

The Team works towards creating regular sessions for gifted students appropriate to elicit their potential and learning. Regular lecture series with scientists and experts from varied field. Introducing coping strategies for handling academic stress and visits to academic institutes for vision building.

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