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The world is changing, advancing and moving faster than ever. There are new developments in every field almost daily. In order to truly progress, a professional in every discipline must be a student for life. Education has now become an even bigger discipline in itself.

It has rightly been said that a good teacher is also a good learner. Today, teachers must take in new information, incorporate the latest methods and pedagogies and also ensure that they make their classroom experience innovative and effective. This makes it absolutely essential for teachers to learn methods and techniques that help them become innovative educators.

Today, we feel a gap between theory and practice, between what is in the books and what is needed in the classroom in the roles of learners as well as teachers. KIE was established to address this need and bridge this gap.

Aims and Objectives

  • To inculcate robust beliefs and attitudes in the teacher trainees toward teachers, children and education in general.
  • To provide enriching field experiences and exposure to new trends in education to facilitate our trainees to become reflective, innovative individuals.
  • To provide learner-centric, reflective, quality teacher education.
  • To create professional teacher communities for creation, transfer, and sharing of knowledge.


Post-graduate Diploma in Early Childhood Education

Introduction to the course

A child’s development is very rapid during early childhood. At this formative age, children get their first experiences with the world that exists outside their homes. A child learns more than just the basics such as the alphabet and numbers in pre-school. This is also the time that children develop various abilities and skills that they would require for interactions with new people, things and situations. An enriching environment nourishes the different aspects of development namely – physical, motor, language, cognitive, emotional and social.

A teacher who aspires to be an early childhood educator must be skilled at managing children and planning these enriching experiences. The teacher must be aware of the developmental needs of young children to achieve the goal of providing the best learning environment.

Objectives of the course

  • To encourage and facilitate teachers to develop the necessary skills required to become better and more effective Early Childhood Educators.
  • To facilitate a deeper understanding of the developmental needs of children through the study of Early Childhood Education which is based on child psychology and paedogogy.
  • To help trainees implement the early childhood methodology in classrooms by providing feedback and support.

Course Duration: One year + an Internship of two months

Timings: 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. (Five days a week)

Eligibility (Educational Qualification): To qualify for this course, the candidate must be a graduate from any discipline. But the most essential factor is your passion and determination for teaching and working with children.

Placements: We assist our trainees to get placements. We always consider our trainees’ requirements and ensure that they get a placement that gives them invaluable experience as well as opportunities for growth as teachers. KIE is equipped with excellent and eager faculty experienced in Early Childhood Education and Teacher Education to support, facilitate and mentor the trainees.

Course details

Education on Education needs to be oriented such that it can be brought into practice without removing the valuable insights that theory offers a teacher in training.
Our course is a fine blend and a perfect balance of theory and practicals in classrooms. We focus on skill development.

Theory components:

  • Understanding children and their development.
  • Approaches to Early Childhood Education Curriculum.
  • Understanding children with special needs.
  • School organization and administration.

Practical components:

  • Extensive Practical training in our preschool.
  • Workshops on varied topics.
  • Field visits to various institutes.
  • Variety of assignments to enrich knowledge in the field of education.


To enrol for our course contact :

Ms. Manisha Mirajkar


Sr. No. 36, Shri. G. M. Shetty Educational Complex, Ganesh Nager, Erandwane, Pune 411038


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Office Timings:

Monday to Saturday: 11:00am – 3:00pm
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    Which stream can a candidate apply from?

    To qualify for this course, the candidate must be a graduate from any discipline.

    What is the course duration?

    The course is One year + an Internship of two months.