For the love of reading

Mobile Library Program

The Mobile Library Program has been initiated with the prime aim of making library books available to the students at their doorsteps. The objective of the program is to bridge the gap between books and students so that the students of KHSG can continue reading even amidst this pandemic. Reading different books will not only improve vocabulary but will also provide a source of entertainment in these monotonous and trying times.

The MLP functions like a regular library but at the same time allows students to issue and return books by selecting them online and picking them up at a place of their choice.

How it all works

How does this program work?

  1. Students create an account and then can choose a book of their choice.
  2. After this, they can choose the time slot and location of pick-up.
  3. Consequently, any 1 parent can go to the respective place at the particular time and receive the book from the concerned personnel.
  4. The books can be returned to the same location on the due date.

What are the components?

  • The students choose the book.
  • Our crew pick out the requested books from the library.
  • And deliver them to the locations you choose

Who all can benefit from this program?

We are happy to announce that the Mobile Library Program has now been made available for all students, from Std V to Std X.

How to sign-up?

Click on the 'Sign Up' option and enter the correct details. Please head over to the 'Contact Us' page if you face any problems.

What will be locations for the pick-up of books?

The pick-up locations have been decided by analysing the options opted by the parents and students in the Form that was sent. The 4 locations are:

  • Sun City, Sinhgad Road
  • School Stilt, Ganesh Nagar
  • Shivtirth Nagar, Kothrud
  • Mahesh Vidyalaya, Kothrud

Safety Protocols include:

  • Sanitisation of books.
  • Daily temperature checks of the personnel delivering the books.
  • Practicing proper social distancing, using hand sanitizers/wearing gloves and masks and/or face shields at the place of pick-up.

The responsibilities of students availing this facility:

Students are fully responsible for the book that is delivered through MLP. They should return the book on the due date. The books should be handled with care. In case of damage/ loss of book, they have to replace the copy of the same book.