Pasch Scholarship- Riya Pathak

Riya Pathak from 12th J shares her views and experience after receiving the Pasch Scholarship.


I received a scholarship from Pasch known as the “Berlin Wansee Jugendbegegnung”.
It’s a prestigious scholarship requiring B1 competency level (which is an internationally recognized German language level). I scored 96.5% in B1 making me a prospective candidate for the scholarship. It’s been awarded to 35 people across the globe with just two participants from India.


It’s a two-week long course where in youth from different countries interact and discuss solutions to global problems while bettering their German language skills. This week is followed by a week full of workshops that focus on film making, comic and illustrations, Music and Audio production, stop motion and trick film, rapping, etc. Due to the pandemic it is conducted online via Zoom Meetings!


I’m truly grateful to the college for this opportunity and specially to our German teacher, Shweta Karandikar ma’am for her constant guidance and support…
Thank you so much!

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