Gifted Nurturing Programme

A session on Giftedness and Parenting was organized by Dr Kalmadi Shamarao Junior College for the academically gifted students. The session was facilitated by Dr. Devsena Desai, Consultant Psychologist, gifted educator KGERC.


The session was well received from parents with more than 40 registrations. Mrs. Sumathi Srinivasan, executive admin Kaveri group of institutes and former Principal and academic advisor to Junior College and Dr. Madhuri Chittewan Principal Junior College also attended the session. The programme began with Mr Potnis, father of Mihir Potnis (a gifted student from previous batch) sharing his experiences about catering to the needs of a gifted child and the challenges he faced.  He emphasized that the program designed by Junior college was very beneficial for them.


During the session, Dr Devsena mentioned that it’s really a challenge at hand for parents to deal with the emotional and social needs of a teenager. To tackle this, she stressed on building a loving relationship with the child. She mentioned that parents should demonstrate love and affection towards the child. Parents should not dictate the terms rather they should help the child to take his /her decisions. Even if a child goes wrong in taking a decision parents should demonstrate trust and faith in the child. They should have courage to go against the mass to support the child.


She also emphasized on the fact that one should try to be friendly loving, calm and patient but a firm parent. One should avoid pampering the child. Make him take his own decisions and at the same time stress upon accepting the responsibility for the decisions made.


Dr Devsena also touched the various aspects like how to help the child to handle his emotions, how to have a control on screen time, how to have a healthy and happy environment at home particularly during the situations like COVID19.


At the end Dr Devsena answered the queries and the concerns of the parents. The overall response was over whelming and the program was very well received by parents.

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