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Christmas Celebration

Our school has always believed in secularism which enables us to celebrate festivals like Christmas with great enthusiasm. This year, the creative committee had planned Christmas celebration for the beloved students which started off by sending them detailed instructions and e-invitations. On Thursday, the 24th of December we conducted the celebration virtually in which students and teachers participated actively.


The Creative Committee went a step ahead and made a presentation for the students that included the reason for celebrating Christmas and the history of decorating the Christmas Tree. A short film titled, ‘The Christmas Story’ was screened for the children who ate some popcorn and cookies, enjoying as if they were sitting in a theatre. While some students dressed up as Santa Clause, most students and teachers were dressed in red. Those that had decorated Christmas Trees at home, showed it to their classmates through the camera. Children sang along the Christmas carols that were played, some even joined on the synthesizer. In the end, the teachers played music to which all the students danced and had a gala time.


Though it was a virtual celebration, the children were elated to their hearts content. Each one of them had great fun!

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