CBSE Affiliation Number 1130833


BuzzKHS 26.6

Buzz KHS 26.6 is our in house radio station and this year’s season premier marked the first live show held a lot of expectations. The show has a monthly episode and the premier of this season was themed Relationships and Sustainability. This year also marked the 51st year of KHS as an educational institute so the Golden year had a fitting Golden themed show.


The show consists of 4 segments with varying topics around the same theme. The first segment consisted of welcoming everyone back and setting the tone. We interviewed our relationship with our school in the second segment and talked about Ocean’s Day, Yoga Day and Father’s day as part of the relationship with our body and the environment. The 4th segment saw an amazing stand-up comedy by one of our students.


The RJs presented amusing banter woven into important topics. Each segment was followed by melodious live performances accompanied by instrumentals and karaoke tracks.


The highlight of this episode was when we interviewed our helper Tanaji Kaka as part of our relationship with our school.
It was a fantastic season premier which set the standards for all of our upcoming episodes.

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