Creativity during lockdown

The threat of Corona virus taking over the entire world saw the schools sans the students at a time when they were gearing up for the annual exams. The students who were busy getting ready for the exam suddenly found themselves confined inside the houses and as the exams got cancelled, without much to do.
The past one and a half month has been a period of being locked up for our students, but definitely not a period of lockdown. The KHS -G students have not let any threat dampen their spirits. They have actively participated in a number of activities and stayed in touch with their teachers and the school. They have explored their creative streak and come up with a number of drawings, paintings and sketches. They have created videos and published them.
The school on its part has started with online classes for STD 9 and 10. The teachers got training to use online portals and conduct interactive classes. They have successfully covered the portion they normally cover in the month of April. Apart from academics, art classes are also being conducted by the art teachers.In addition, the teachers are attending training sessions and webinars for their professional development. So it can be said this has been a period of staying indoors but not sitting idle for KHS-G

Students creativity in lockdown

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