Programs - For School

We strive to empower schools to design and implement their own gifted programs. This will revolutionize education methods in India and benefit students, teachers and the society as a whole. After extensive research and implementation, we have devised a model which we wish to share with other schools.

This model includes three aspects:

Teacher Training in Gifted Education

  1. Offers Basic Course and Advanced Courses for teachers
  2. Identify a core group of gifted educators
  3. Design and implement differentiated activities for the gifted in classrooms

Identification of Gifted Education

  1. Orientation for Parents
  2. Conducting giftedness identification for Std VI and above

Nurturing Gifted Children

  1. Conducting workshops for children scoring 90 percentile rank and above
  2. Creativity, Life skills and Mentoring
  3. Profiling gifted children
  4. Parent Support Group Meetings

For more information about the programme and to avail the programs, you can get in touch with our team :

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