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Your closeness and constant interaction with your child means that you might be the first to recognize potential or a specific talent in your child.

Here is a small list of traits that are commonly seen in gifted children that may help you identify the same in your child.

(Please keep in mind that each child is unique, so your child may show all or few of these characteristics)

  1. Asks many and unusual questions.
  2. Displays a keen sense of humour and sees humour in situations that others may not.
  3. Prefers a variety and freshness in design, ideas, music, food, colour, clothing.
  4. Recognizes that there are alternative ideas or solutions to problems and creates
    many options.
  5. Collects things, sometimes randomly, other times with a definite purpose.
  6. Has many hobbies- some are long lived but interest in others quickly disappears.
  7. Assembles or disassembles mechanical objects and devices with little or no training.
  8. Shows high emotional sensitivity.
  9. Has a vivid imagination.
  10. Appears forgetful, chaotic, and indifferent to time constraints (but within this superficial disorder there is a logic for the child)
  11. Self-directed or autonomous learners
  12. Does things in his/her own way; avoids typical way of doing things.

Formal methods of identification are available to confirm the your observations about the child’s talents as well as to understand the level of potential in the child. At KGEC, we use standardised tests/tools to identify intellectually gifted children above the age of ten years. The scores on these tests determine the child’s eligibility for admission to our gifted nurturing programs.

To get your child tested, you can follow one of the following options:

Kaveri Gifted Education and Research Center

Contact numbers: 02025453973, +91.9130077122

Mensa India

Contact number: 7350012370

KEM Hospital, TDH Rehabilitation Center

Contact number: 020-66037439

Sahyadri Child Guidance Center

Contact number: 020- 2566 8788

For a child between the age of 10-13 years, request for a report on the test ‘WISC’ to get eligibility for our program.

Nurturing gifted children is a collaborative effort between the parents, teachers, mentor, counsellor and the gifted educator. You as parents are your child’s best advocate. Being unique and different and finding one’s place with peers and in the world, is a life-long journey for a gifted individual. A solid home foundation thus becomes a crucial part in the lives of the gifted. Parents can make their home a stimulating and safe harbour where gifted children know they are loved, accepted, cared for and understood. As this is an exclusive group with unique needs, the center has created Parent Support Groups (PSG) for families of gifted children.

A support group is one where people with common experiences

1) come together

2) provide each other with encouragement,

3) give comfort and advice.

For parents of gifted children this creates a platform to share and take pride in their child’s achievements without reservations or hesitation experienced usually with parents of non-gifted. Parents are also able to empathize with each other, become acquainted with future challenges from parents of older children and share their insights and wisdom with others.

We organize three meetings a year and this meeting is open for the community.

To know more about the PSG or to sign up for it contact: Sameena Manasawala –

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