Science - M.Sc. (CS)


2 years (divided into 4 semesters)

No. Of Seats


Medium of Instruction


Timing of the College

(Monday to Saturday)

Lecture Timing

9:00 a.m. to 02:00 p.m.

Examination Pattern


Course Coordinator

Ms. Chitra Alavani

Course Eligibility

The candidate should have a B.Sc. degree with Computer Science as their principal subject.

Examination System

  1. The In-semester and End-Semester examinations (50 marks each.)
  2. Student must obtain 40% marks in the combined examination of In-Semester and End-Semester assessment with minimum passing of 30% passing in both assessments separately.
  3. A student is not permitted to register for the third semester if s/he fails to complete the 50% credits of the total expected within two semesters.
  4. In the s in-semester (50 marks) there are two internal examinations of 15 marks each along with four different tests of 5 marks each. The Subject teacher has the authority to decide the type of the test from the set of the tests given by the SPPU as follows:
    1. Mid-term test
    2. On-line test
    3. Open book test (concerned teacher will decide the allowed books)
    4. Tutorial
    5. Surprise test
    6. Oral
    7. Theory Assignments
    8. Review of Research paper
    9. Seminar presentation
    10. Journal/Lecture/Library notes
    11. Group Discussion
    12. Programming Assignments


  • Aptitude preparation – problem solving session in the vacation
  • Peer learning – excelling students in academics are encouraged to teach the other students

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