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Established in 2016-17, the Kaveri Skill Development Cell (KSDC) caters to need for the all-round development of the three stake holders of the college, namely: students, teachers and non-teaching staff members.

The aims and objectives of the Cell are:


  1. To provide different types of add on/certificate courses for the students which will give them additional expertise along with their chosen degree course and make them employable.
  2. To provide exposure to students through various value addition programmes like soft skill development programme, leadership training camp etc.
  3. To conduct skill development programmes for the teaching staff members of the college. It plans to extend this facility for staff from other units of the parent organisation, Kannada Sangha, Pune and to teaching staff members from other colleges in the long run.
  4. To provide skill development programmes for the non-teaching staff members of the college.


Over the years, following programmes/activities are conducted by the Cell:

  1. Presentation by ICICI Academy for Skills
  2. Presentation by Institute of Computer Accountant for Tally ERP (GST Version) , Direct Tax and E-Filing
  3. Workshop on Digital Marketing
  4. 7-day Soft Skill Development Programme
  5. Certificate Course in Basic English


The Cell is actively pursuing its objectives and working meticulously to fulfil the vision of the college i.e. ‘Excellence in Education’

Mrs. Suchismita Mohanty,

Head, KSDC

The objectives of Kaveri Entrepreneur Development Cell are as follows:

  1. To identify entrepreneurs in the students of Kaveri College
  2. To facilitate them with necessary knowledge and enhance their entrepreneur skills through various activities.

Keeping in mind the above objectives, we inaugurated KEDC in the year 2016-17. The registration to KEDC Centre is open to all Bonafide students of the college

Various activities and sessions of KEDC include:

  1. ‘How to make a Successful Business Plan’
  2. ‘Schemes on Entrepreneurship’
  3. ‘Employability and Entrepreneurship’
  5. One on one meetings for students with entrepreneurship development institutions like ‘de Asra Foundation’
  6. ‘Women Empowerment through Entrepreneurship’.

Dr. Deepa Sathe

Head – KEDC

KCC- Kaveri Consultancy Cell is a professional consultancy wing that came to life in order to give back to society by offering various consultancy services. As professionals from the education sector, we have the insight and the connections to offer solutions for day to day challenges.


Objectives of KCC

Tailoring and delivering services based on real needs of the client

Adding value to clients’ projects through a needs analysis and research

Providing relevant consultancy or mentoring support

Our qualified experts are dedicated to helping individuals, educational institutes, professional institutes and small to medium-sized enterprises in the conduct of their business. They provide prompt, relevant and concise professional consultancy services in the following domains:

Career counselling in Commerce, Management, Computer Science and Arts

Research in Social Sciences, Electronics, Commerce & management

Electronics, Lighting & Artificial Lighting

Human Resource Management, Industrial Relations and Labour Laws,

Business Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility, Corporate Governance

Accounting and Costing

Financial Management, Personal Finance

Marketing Management

Organising field visits / Industrial visits.

Network support and system administration (Linux)

DBMS, SQL, Java and fundamentals of Networking.

Software Development & Web publishing

Mathematics and statistics

National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) documentation system.

Soft skills

Media, Event Management

Sports and Physical Education
Major Projects of KCC

We have worked on the following projects.

Parent Opinion Survey

KCC conducted a survey regarding academic tuition classes was for parents of children from Mini KG to 7th Std. A structured questionnaire was designed to meet the need of the client.

The process behind this vast survey included aspects like questionnaire designing, questionnaire administration, data analysis and preparation of report. More than 1200 questionnaires collected and analysed and a report with the recommendations from the experts was submitted to the client.

Designing 360 Degree Feedback System

KCC provided consultancy for the task of designing 360-degree feedback forms for various units of an educational institute.

For teachers’ assessment, separate feedback forms for parents, for a third party, for authority and students were designed as per the requirement of the client.

Energy Efficient Lighting System.

KCC provided consultancy services to install energy efficient LED lamps in place of fluorescent lamps. Preceding this, a study of the lighting system of the building and energy consumption of then presently installed fluorescent lamps was calculated along with its total cost per year. Total saving of energy and cost was calculated if these lamps were replaced by energy efficient LED lamps.

Corporate Training

KCC conducted corporate training for a reputed IT Company on Basic operational commands on Linux Operating System, Nusoap and REST web services using PHP.

Computer Networking Solution

KCC provided a networking solution to an International school. Keeping in mind the client’s requirement, solutions regarding purchase of various equipment and a final equipment list along with the configurations were suggested.

We are happy to provide customised consultancy services to you and your esteemed organisation.

For enquiry kindly contact
Mrs. Shweta Bapat,

Head, Kaveri Consultancy Cell
(M) 9422311288 /

Kaveri Research Innovation Cell is an initiative to motivate both student and teacher researchers in various fields and create centres of excellence.

By organizing lectures presented by eminent researchers KRIC will renew the zeal for pursuing research. This initiative will form a wide network between other colleges, universities and institution and thus create a conducive environment for collaboration, innovation and niche areas of exploration.

We also aim to fill the gap between educational institutes and the industry by exploring what the industry needs. This will enable us to undertake projects that eventually will result in improvement and innovation in products, systems and services. It will facilitate an atmosphere of collaboration with industries for mutual benefits, knowledge sharing and knowledge creation.  We also hope to include consultancy services in our wide range of offerings. Our broad aim is to bring together research and application for the benefit of the society

We conduct various activities throughout the year. These include guest lectures by eminent researchers, seminars related to research for the students, exhibitions of the research projects by the students etc. This leads to an intellectual atmosphere and encourages research-oriented thinking and discussions.

At the college level, the staff members and the college/university students also undertake various research projects.

Senior faculty members are a source of constant encouragement and guidance to the junior staff. We are proud to announce that four of our very own staff members completed their Ph.D. and four more are about to finish their doctoral research.

The KRIC contributes immensely toward the big goal of developing an environment of research in the college and in the learners and teachers through their efforts of organizing yearly activities.

Dr. Jayashri Bangali

Head, KRIC

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