Nation Building Activities by the students of Kaveri College during the lockdown

While the Corona crisis was looming over the world, the students of Kaveri College of Arts, Science and Commerce took advantage of the available time they got during the lockdown period. Students undertook several activities and boosted the confidence of different sections of society. They created a vision of social consciousness and humanity through many socially useful activities. During this period, the students have come forward on their own to help the weaker sections of the society and the administration.


Under this initiative, students created self-explanatory PPT/videos based on various topics such as Arrays, Pointers, searching algorithm, linked list, stack, and queue. Students also participated in mask making activity. Students who were good in art have prepared videos of that art such as origami, mehendi and drawings also spread it through social media.


Students have helped police, doctors, nurses who were working as direct and indirect covid warriors and saluted them. Students have taken the interview of such covid warriors and prepared its video in which they have shared their experiences about working during the lockdown.


College Students have created various videos for school children based on interesting animation, guidance on foreign languages like German, French and Chinese etc, mental health during the lockdown, how to take care of the elderly, how to protect oneself and one’s family from corona, best out of waste, cybersecurity, Yoga Practice etc.


The students have prepared case studies and have researched commerce related topics including problems of small entrepreneurs/vendors during lockdown, stock market scenario, stock trading perspective, Role of RBI, future of mutual funds, business opportunities after lockdown, the study of various smartphone applications for safety awareness, mental and physical health awareness-role and responsibility, the role of television media and so on.


A survey on the topic, ‘A Study of Impact of Covid 19 on Stakeholders of Education Sector’ was also conducted to understand the impact of the pandemic on different stakeholders of the education sector and also to understand the initiatives taken by these stakeholders to minimize the negative impact. This survey received a huge response.


Principal Dr. Ashok Agarwal, Vice- Principal Dr. Muckta Karmarkar and other professors encouraged and guided the students for this initiative. Parents, Covid Warriors and society, in general, have appreciated and praised the activities done by the students.


Mr. Kushal Hegde, President Kannada Sangha and Secretary Mrs. Malati Kalmadi have also appreciated and congratulated these commendable initiatives by the students.


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