A session on Entrepreneurship in Ecological Sustainability

Kaveri Entrepreneurship Development Cell of the college arranged a session on the topic ‘Entrepreneurship in Ecological Sustainibilty on 21 January 2020.  Principal, Dr. Ashok Agrawal, Vice Principal, Dr. Muckta Karmarkar, Head- KEDC, Dr. Deepa Sathe, the resource speaker, Ms. Ketaki Ghate and students were present for the same. The session took off after the felicitation of the resource speaker by Dr. Deepa Sathe. She also shared a few words on the goals and objectives of KEDC.


Ms. Ketaki Ghate has 20 years of work experience. She is the Founder and Managing Partner at Oikos for Ecological Services, an ecological consultancy, established in 2002. She is a trustee at Ecological Society, Pune and working as a Faculty member in Ecological Society. She has bagged awards like, Ramabai Joshi Award in 2006, Uncha Maza Zoka, award by Zee Marathi in 2013, Awani Mitra Award in 2014, Green Enterprise Award in 2019 and many more. ‘We can live without technology but cannot live without ecology’ was her opening statement for the session. She created awareness among students saying there is a great need for the conservation of lands as it is degrading due to human induced activities. Besides, she mentioned that increasing consumerism puts a lot of pressure on land and Oikos works towards healing such lands through native plantations. She also explained how the organisation works with private land owners for nature conservation & ecological restoration. She further said that this is a service sector which needs minimum investment. She motivated the students to find their likings and develop a passion out of it, as a passion results into a good and sustainable career. She concluded the session urging students to take utmost care of Mother Nature. She advised them to consider building a career in ecological services, as along with contributing to a good cause it is relatively a stress free career and gives a sense of job satisfaction as it brings one close to nature.


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