The first ever Kaveri Leadership Development Programme for the Third Year students of the college was conducted from 11 to 23 October 2019. Mr. Munir Damani, Executive Coach and a Soft Skill Trainer, was invited to be the Resource Person for the Programme. The Programme was inaugurated by Principal Dr. Ashok Agrawal. He motivated the participants by stating that everybody has leadership skill one needs to hone and channelize it properly in the right direction.

The objective of the Programme was to instil in students all the required skills to make them competent in their endeavours.


Mr. Damani took the participants through a very challenging process where in he guided students about how to set the goal, priorities it and the ways to achieve the goal. He also added the need of practising, mindfulness for intent listening.


In the process Mr. Damani highlighted on several qualities of a successful leader, viz., having an open -growth mindset, inclusive skills and critical thinking skills. He emphasised that skills like time management, communication skills, innovation, creativity, team building etc. are the milestones in achieving bigger dreams in life.


Participants were guided for preparation of competitive exams like GMAT, GRE and IELTS. Certification courses like REBT (Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy) and ECD (Early Childhood Development) were advised to students who want to pursue career in Psychology.


Thus, the students had an amazing experience of knowing and exploring their potentials, gained confidence and learnt about new avenues of learning and growing. The Programme was a grand success owing to the commitment, dedication and intensive learning approach adopted by both the trainer and the participating-learners.

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