Kaveri Film Festival

Kaveri Film Festival

Faculty of Arts organized the 5th Kaveri Film Festival from 26 to 28 November 2019. The Film Festival was started in 2015 with an objective to make students understand and appreciate world and Indian cinema and learn life lessons through films.


This year’s Film Festival showcased films like Black Swan, The Miracle Worker and Gafla. Each film screening was followed by an activity involving students.


Commemorating the 70th Constitution Day on 26 November 2019, a documentary titled ‘The Making of Indian Constitution’ was shown to the audience. A short discussion took place after the screening, on the efforts and thought process involved in the making our Constitution. In addition, Chaitrali Kshirsagar, student from SYBA, recited the Preamble of the Constitution.


This was followed by screening of the movie Black Swan. The film highlights psychological condition of a ballerina who struggles to prove her mettle on stage. After the screening, students analyzed the film and discussed the portrayal of the protagonist’s mental disorder.


On 27 November, The Miracle Worker, a 2000 classic, was showcased. The movies depicts Anne Sullivan’s struggle to draw the blind and deaf Helen Keller out of her dark and lonely world. Audience discussed the life lessons learnt from the movie.


On 28 November, a Hindi film titled ‘Gafla’ was screened. The movie shows the working of Indian stock exchange, the infamous stock market scam of 1992 and how the scam affected the lives of common investors.


The activities followed by each film screening were finely executed by Soham Jadhav, student from SYBA. All the films received great appreciation from the students. Their enthusiasm and active participation made the film festival a success.

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