Placement in Digital Age Session at Kaveri

Kaveri College of Arts, Science and Commerce conducted a session on ‘How to Get Placement in Digital Age’ on 23 October, 2019 in collaboration with MTC Global, Global Entrepreneurs Grid, Bengaluru and Dhaka International University. Mr. Ramesh Vemuganti a global speaker, corporate trainer and one of the pillars of MTC Global was the resource speaker for the day. Principal, Dr. Ashok Agrawal in his inaugural speech said Kaveri’s association with Mr. Ramesh Vemuganti goes way back in time and mentioned how he has been instrumental in guiding the students for securing the best placement opportunities. Vice Principal, Dr. Muckta Karmarkar, Coordinator Dr. Deepa Sathe, Faculty members and students were present for the same.
While addressing the gathering, the resource person mentioned we are living in 21st century which is governed by digitalisation. This digital era is characterized by a rapid shift from traditional industry to an economy based on information technology. So with this drastic change it is needless to say that we have to modify our conventional approaches as well as develop new skills according to the changing demands of the industries, we have to keep up with the global transformation for better placement opportunities. He said experience always defeats qualifications. He suggested the students to replace the idea of placement with quest of acquiring more knowledge and learning, for knowledge is phenomenal and ageless. He emphasized upon continuous learning as it facilitates growth and development. He also shared the secrets of becoming a global player which will place them one step ahead in this age of cut throat competition and will help them to stand out in the crowed. He said chalking out a daily schedule and following it thoroughly is of utmost significance. Besides, he advised students to follow ‘CASK’ which stands for communication, attitude, skills and knowledge.
While concluding the session he said do not major in minors. There are around 2000 career options, students have to evaluate it, find what suits them best and groom themselves accordingly. Having an idea, creative thinking, adopting positive attitude, maintaining integrity are few other qualities that students should imbibe for a promising future. He conducted fun filled activities where students actively participated. The informal tone adopted by the speaker was much appreciated by the students. Around 110 students benefited from this session.

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