Industrial Visit at Mercedes Benz

Keveri College of Arts, Science and Commerce, Pune organised an Industrial Visit for the students of BBA and BBA IB on 18 October 2019 to ‘Mulay Moulds Pvt. Ltd.’ and ‘Mercedes Benz’, accompanied by the teachers.
Kaveri is one of the few colleges to visit Mercedes Benz. The students got the opportunity to see the actual manufacturing process of a Mercedes brand of luxury car. They learned about the challenges that manager might face while working in this industry. Right from the engine induction to the final quality check, the students witnessed all the steps in the manufacturing process. They learned that the capacity of the plant is 20,000 cars. They also got to see the Maybach, a model that is being manufactured exclusively in India and Germany.
The PPT Presentation was very informative and the students gained significant knowledge about “Mercedes Benz” as a brand and its presence in India compared to that in the world. After the presentation a question and answer round was conducted wherein the Marketing Manager addressed many queries and doubts of the students. In a nutshell, the students got to see the practical applications of their studies and also got exposure to the real managerial world. Based solely on how much knowledge the students acquired the visit was a success.
Mulay Polymers Pvt. Ltd. is a manufacturer of Bike Plastic Handle Grip, Bike Plastic Visor and Car Plastic Dashboard. The factory is situated in Chakan near Pune. One of the major department in the factory is Production and Operation along with Purchase, Marketing and Accounting.
Main aim of industrial visit is to provide an exposure to students about practical working environment. They also provide students a good opportunity to gain full awareness about industrial practices.The visits helped the students to learn the Production and Operations management system, cooperation and team building. Students could very well associate the conceptual aspects learned in classroom with industrial environment. Major learning outcomes from the industrial visit were organisational structure, Production & Management Quality Standards, Branding & Marketing Concepts, Corporate Strategy and Organizational Culture. 47 students were benefited from the visit.

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