Mumbai Dabbewala Management Theory Explored at Kaveri

Kaveri College of Arts, Science and Commerce organised ‘Out of The Box Management’ session on Mumbai Dabbewala Management Theory under Kaveri Entrepreneur Development Cell ( KEDC )on 7th September 2019. President of Mumbai Dabbewala Association Mr. Subhash Talekar was invited to guide our students, who also spoke about the Six Sigma Performance Theory. President Mr. Kushal Hedge, Secretary Malati Kalmadi, Trustee Mr. Balajit Shetty, Joint Treasurer Ms. Radhika Sharma, Principal Dr. Ashok Agrawal, Vice Principal Dr. Muckta Karmarkar, students from other colleges, parents, corporate personals, teachers and around 550 students attended the programme.
Mr.Talekar took the audience by surprise with his witty and informative presentation. It started with a short film ‘Steps and Strides’ featuring the Mumbai Dabbewalas, their hard work and precise planning. He further shared a beautiful incident about the statue at Hazi Ali chowk, difficulties they had to face and how they managed to convince everyone for the same. He shared the history of the organisation and its functioning. The presentation was followed by a question answer round, parents and students actively participated in this round. The key takeaways of the session were the supply chain management which is followed by the dabbewalas, the uninterrupted services that is provided for all these years. Mr.Talekar was proud to inform all that the dabbewalas take only 2 holidays a year, he further mentioned that team work and customer care are the back bone of any business. All these points were unfolded with interesting stories and incidents which dabbewalas have witnessed all these years. The session proved to be highly informative for all.

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