A Moment of Calm Observed

Kanada Sangha’s Kaveri College of Arts, Science and Commerce organised a programme to participate in the ‘Moment of Calm’ recently. Principal Dr. Ashok Agrawal, Vice Principal Dr.Muckta Karmarkar Student Welfare Officer Dr.Anand Budhikot and all other faculty members and students attended the programme

It is a Global Peace Initiative to help raise World Consciousness and usher to an era of peace and harmony. The main focus was to impart forgiving attitude and the value of letting go of grudges which is beneficial for physical and mental health of individual. It also helps to inculcate positively inspired living.

Students were suggested to clear their thoughts and mind of all the bad and ill emotions and thoughts. Further they observed 2 min of silence. Students recited the prayer and took an oath for Moment of Calm.


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