Bird Man- Mr. Sumedh Waghmare’s Special Session on Bird Conservation

Kannada Sangha Pune’s Kaveri College of Arts, Science and Commerce organized an awareness
programme ‘Bird and Bird sounds’ on Friday, 2 nd August 2019 to spread awareness regarding the
endangered species of birds. Mr. Sumedh Waghmare also known as ’The Bird Man’ helped to
address this issue in a very unique way.
He made everyone aware about the need for bird conservation. The technique used by him was
very innovative and unique. He used a short film on birds and simultaneously he made those
sounds. He further asked students to mimic the sounds of few common birds. He also explained
How to identify the difference between male and female sounds of different birds such as
peacock, peahen, etc. He explained the students about the simple and easy things which would
help to conserve birds.
This session was attended by Principal Dr. Ashok Agrawal, Vice Principal Dr.Muckta
Karmarkar, Head of Cultural Department Ms. Sai Kulkarni, SWO Dr.Anand Buddhikot and all
the teachers and students were present in large number. Students responded enthusiastically
throughout the session.

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