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Student Support and Progression

Employbility Skills Development

The Skill Development centre is a platform that adds to the students’ employability and personality by imbibing a perfect combination of hard and soft skills. The Soft Skills Development Programme (SSDP), to be taken by the third-year students. This is an intensive workshop that aims to boost motivation, personality development, leadership, team building, communication, creativity and innovation in our students.

Student Development Committee

The Committee in association with The Board of Students’ Development(BSD), SPPU promotes and co-ordinates the different students’ activities for better corporate life. BSD tries to nurture students' mental, physical, cultural growth with various activities to improve their overall personality development and to make them civilized Indian citizens to compete in the globalized world.

Students Grievance Committee

Kaveri is an institution that cares about the wellbeing and development of its student body. We believe that student grievances must not be dismissed as trivial. We must address their needs as important. The college has provided a suggestion box where students can drop in their suggestions and complaints anonymously without fear of being judged. These suggestions vary - academics, infrastructure, staff etc. The grievance redressal committee pays careful heed to such suggestions and tries to take corrective actions. Our mentoring mechanism establishes a level of understanding that enables our students to take complaints to their respective mentors. We address serious grievances are immediately and take corrective action on priority basis.

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