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SPPU has granted the college an N.S.S. unit of 100 students to fulfil the vision of making students socially responsible and empathic individuals. This platform gives students a multitude of opportunities to serve the society. The activities conducted under this program are as follows:

NSS Camp

A week long Special Winter Camp is organised in a village which the college has adopted as its own. During this camp several projects/programmes for the benefit of our village are undertaken by our enthusiastic NSS volunteers. Tree plantation, tree conservation, cleaning of school premises, developing gardens, making a proper drainage system, teaching and interacting with school children, prabhat pheri, highlighting various social and environmental aspects etc. are some of the ways that our volunteers give back to the village for the kind hospitality and in the spirit of love and togetherness. A cultural programme is also arranged by the volunteers in association with the school children/villagers.

Blood Donation

We organize a Blood Donation Camp in the month of January annually to commemorate the birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda and raise awareness about the invaluable action of blood donation.

Joy of Giving Week

A ‘Donation Drive’ to celebrate the ‘Joy of Giving Week’ is carried out by the volunteers. Students and staff members alike generously donate articles like clothes, grocery items etc. The donated articles are handed over to charitable and social organizations enabling us to make a difference even at a small level.

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SPPU- National Service Scheme 

Cleanliness Drive:

This activity makes our students aware of the need to conserve and protect the environment and maintain cleanliness. This activity is undertaken in the college campus, famous monuments, nearby hills, river beds, and the neighbourhood.

Debate and Elocution

Oratory and Rhetoric have been essential skills in ancient societies and today they are required in all walks of life. The Debate and Elocution committee strives hard to develop these skills amongst students. The teachers train students to participate in various elocution and debate competitions by focusing on various aspects such as vocabulary, presentation, tone, body language etc. The college organizes Dr. Shamarao Kalmadi Memorial State Level Elocution competition annually in the fond memory of our founder Dr. Shamarao Kalmadi. This lively competition attracts participants from all over Maharashtra and has become the most sought-after elocution competitions in the state in a short span of time. It serves as platform for new ideas and the sharing of these ideas and perspectives, enhancing the college experience.

Bhaishal Shikshan Mandal

This is a collaboration between our college and SSPU to take the initiative to provide a platform for discussion and dissemination of topics which are important but not included in the syllabus. We conduct series of lectures on a variety of topics in history, philosophy, morals and values, humour etc. for our students.

Life Long Learning

Kaveri College and Adult, Continuing Education and Extension Unit, Savitribai Phule Pune University jointly organize workshops for its students and adult learners. The department aims at conducting lifelong learning programmes to meet the demands of the rapidly knowledge centric society. It also encourages the idea that learning is a continuous process irrespective of age and experience. There is always room to grow.

Kaveri Kaleidoscope

‘Kaveri Kaleidoscope is the annual students’ magazine. It is an invaluable platform that showcases students' creativity in drawing, photography and writing. Kaleidoscope offers a lens into the student’s lives as it also includes a diversity in content such as reports, articles, stories and poems. The magazine offers yet another benefit as it is a democratic and collaborative platform for the student body to develop essential skills like planning, compiling, editing, team work and leadership as they form a part of the editorial board. Each year’s magazine is based on a theme and the cover page is also created by the students.


Physical fitness and endurance shape the lifestyle of the youth and help them keep up with the challenges and demands in the society. We have a fully functional gymkhana section with a well-equipped gymnasium. The Gymkhana department encourages students to participate with passion and zeal in all sport events at zonal, district, state, national and international levels. Our students have won international accolades in Roller skating, Kho Kho, Cricket, Tennis and many more sports.

Cultural Activities

We encourage our students to participate in cultural activities and showcase their talents. Kaveri Dance studio is a platform that offers training to students in music and dance. Our members have won many inter college competitions in solo and group dance, singing and instrumental music.

Every year, the college participates in the prestigious Purushottam Karandak competition. The college drama team has also reached the finals of the competition. We bring home at least one award in this competition every year. Yuva Spandan is a cultural annual youth festival. It is the most awaited event of the year. Many colleges in and around Pune look to participate in this youth festival as it is a platform that enables students to showcase their skills in leadership, organization and artistic performance.

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