Joy of Giving


Friends its believed that selfless concern for the wellbeing of others releases endorphines in our brain, producing a positive feeling known as “Helper’s High”

Giving evokes gratitude and surprisingly is contagious. It can create a ripple effect, which is the need other hour, during this pandemic.

I would like to share a small incident… hoping to create a ripple effect.

Recently, I was approached by Kotak Bank’s CSR team, requesting me to mentor a young graduate, who had completed, his basic education in a vernacular language.

We mentors, had to improve their spoken English and help them face interviews with confidence. As the days progressed, what started off as a task, turned into a special bond. Wherein my humble mentee, put in a lot of effort and I felt myself giving my 100% in grooming him.

As we were coming towards the end of this wonderful journey, I got a call from my mentee saying “Ma’am, thank you so much for all the help, I got a job in RBL bank“. I must say the feeling of joy was soo overwhelming for both of us… Indescribable

“Helper’s High”

Ms. Lata – Member of Kannada Sangha


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